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I am so glad that a colleague referred me to Nicholas at Rapid Page.
His work is extremely professional, price is really fair and he doesn’t give up until you are fully happy with the website design! 
I really appreciate how prompt Nicholas is with his responses. Always gets the job done in a timely manner! 
I absolutely LOVE my new website and logo and my entire brand. I constantly get compliments on it. Thank you so much for such great work! 
Mariam Jamous

Not so easy to always find;
Time is money, and there is no one better to understand this than Nicholas Hughes. 
When it comes to clients’ need for no-nonsense web expert consultation, guidance, and personalized solutions, Nicholas is the man! 
Easy to understand, easy to communicate with, and he’s always ready to address and service all immediate and necessary needs. 
Thanks so much!

Nicholas Hughes has been designing and servicing our website for a number of years. We have been immensely satisfied with the service we have received. Nicholas is thoughtful, readily available, and very reliable in his work. We are on a tight time schedule with our uploads and he has never let us down. Honestly, I don’t know what we would do without him!

Pastor Phillip Noll

Was a great chance to meet you Nick and greater choice of going with RapidPage for creating, developing, maintaining, and upgrading our websites.

Dr. Laith Dawood

Nicholas does a great job on our web site, our site is simple and easy to navigate and that is exactly what I wanted, so when Nicholas designed it was tailor-made to what we wanted. Whenever I call to request changes or I have a review that needs a reply Nick’s team is quick to respond. Very satisfied, great value, and excellent personal service.

Brian McDonald

We have been dealing with Rapid pages for a number of years. 

The adjustment for the way business worked in 2010 and how it works now has been difficult Nick and his team has been instrumental in getting a web site that works and that we can afford. 

We search really well And both our young and older customers can find their way around our web site, and credit goes to Rapid Pages for that.

Greg Muscutt

For almost a decade Liftway and Nicholas at have been working together on the continuous improvement of our website ( and our online marketing presence. We rely heavily on his technical and marketing expertise and Nicholas is only happy when we obtain concrete sales results from everyone’s efforts. Also, he communicates very specific suggestions and guidance to our department managers in Sales, Service, Parts, and Rentals in order to enhance the sales and profitability of each area. In addition, Nicholas is now doing our social media marketing. We rely heavily on Nicholas as he stays current with all online technical and marketing developments and our very positive results since embarking on this partnership speak for themselves.

Ross Cochrane

RapidPage provided me with prompt, reliable, and professional service in assisting my business with marketing, advertising, and website design. Nicholas Hughes was very knowledgeable and offered his expertise to create and maintain a webpage for my home improvement business. His services were both on time and on budget. Nicholas recently helped me expand my online presence through social media, designing a Facebook Page. Overall, I am very satisfied with his services, advice, and communication and will continue to use RapidPage for my current and future web-based needs

Jan Lecki

I would like to say everything good about your work and your efforts to help me out on google and the website. You are doing good with everything. 

Appreciate it and highly recommend you to everyone.

Kind regards

Dr. Al-Shakarchi