Oct 292015

Website Design in Hamilton

Before we start with 'creating your own website design in Hamilton," I need to state that I do not make any commissions or do I endorse any of the products/services that are discussed in this article.

I have focused this article on free or open source solutions, the are too many "paid" or "pay-for" solutions for creating your own website in Hamilton.

Initial website design evaluation:

Step 1, let's evaluate your technical skills!

Step 2, let's evaluate your website goals!

Step 3, let's evaluate your available time per week!

  • 1 hour per week for website maintenance?
  • 5 hours per week website maintenance?

Step 4, let's evaluate your web marketing skills!

Step 5, let's evaluate how will you monitor your website!

Getting Started Designing Your Hamilton Website:

If you're ready to venture forward into the brave new world of website design for your Hamilton business, here are the next steps:

Step 1, pick a meaningful domain name!

Step 2, choose a website hosting plan!

Step 3, pick your CMS system!

Step 4, pick your website template!

Step 5, install your CMS system!

Step 6, install your website template!

Step 7, customize your website!


If you are limited on time or skills, to get your Hamilton website running, it might be best to solicit professional help. Professional Hamilton Website Design companies, like RapidPage, bring years of experience so your website is in production quickly and they would be capable of assisting you in the maintenance, SEO, and marketing your new website.