WP-Affiliates Manager Plugin, Why We Use?

Affiliates Manager Plugin


We needed a tool to manage our affiliates, so we searched, and we selected WP-Affiliates Plugins for WordPress.

Why We Use The WP-Affiliates Manager Plugin

[1]Running your WordPress site with an e-Commerce plugin or solution? or Maybe you are running a membership site? WP Affiliate Manager can help you manage an affiliate marketing program to drive more traffic and more sales to your site.

Affiliate Marketing is the fastest growing advertising method around. If you sell products on your site and aren’t offering an affiliate program, you are missing out on this multi-billion dollar industry

Easy Installation

It is very easy to install the Affiliates Manager plugin. You install it just like any other WordPress plugin. Upload, activate and read tutorials.

Affiliates Portal

Your affiliates can signup, log into their affiliate portal to get the ad code. Then they are ready to promote your products and services.

Automated System

Affiliate signup, profile maintenance, account login, referral code generation, etc is fully automated after you set it up.

Real Time Tracking

The referral clicks and sales are tracked in real time. So your affiliates can check referrals anytime by logging into their account.

Unlimited Affiliates

Create unlimited number of affiliates. You will never have to pay more to have more affiliates promoting your products and services.

Flat Rate or Percentage Based

You decide how you want to reward your affiliates. You can choose to pay your affiliates a flat rate or a percentage of the sale amount.

Easy Affiliate Management

View all your affiliates, their profiles, account status all from the admin dashboard.

Shortcodes Ready

The plugin comes with affiliate login, registration shortcodes. You can use an affiliate login shortcode in the sidebar widget.

Translation Ready

Need the affiliate plugin in another language? The framework is translation-ready, making it as easy for you to translate.

Unlimited Creatives

You can configure as many affiliate banners or text links as you wish. Plus, you can easily activate or deactivate creatives as needed.

Customizable Affiliate Registration

You can decide how much or how little data to collect from your affiliates when they sign up. You can mark each field as optional or required.

Customizable Emails

Easily modify the information that gets sent to your affiliates via email right from the admin panel.

[2]Affiliates Manager integrates with some popular e-commerce solutions. It integrates with:
  • WooCommerce
  • Simple Shopping Cart
  • WP eCommerce
  • JigoShop
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • iThemes Exchange
  • WP eStore
  • Sell Digital Downloads
  • Paid Membership Pro
  • S2Member
  • Simple Membership
  • Stripe Payments


I hope that this article helps you to understand why we selected WP-Affiliates Manager Plugin. If you have any questions or need help installing and setting up the

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