Why is AI-Powered
Optimization Important?


We have all heard about AI, and it impacts our daily life from driving cars to surfing the net. Today, we are sharing an article that we compiled on this topic and how AI can assist our Search Engine optimization.

Why is AI-powered optimization important?

Asset performance optimization leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to keep operations running smoothly. Using machine learning capabilities, asset performance optimization helps acquire, merge, manage and analyze Big Data and Big Content. Doing so helps to improve asset efficiency and reduce downtime and maintenance costs for higher operating margins.

[1]Whether you produce content for your business’s blog or website or work like content creation and outsourcing contractors for third parties, AI testing and optimization can indeed improve your content’s performance. While artificial intelligence is typically associated with software testing or chatbot algorithms, the technology can be found in many content creation and optimization services across the web.

According to Tech Jury, 85% of customer servicing will be conducted without human interaction by 2020, while 36% of executives expressed that their primary AI integration goals lie in internal operation optimization, such as content production. So whether you work as an SEO specialist or a full-time creator, introducing AI testing and optimization to your processes can be highly beneficial.

With the right combination of tools and platforms at your disposal, you can easily streamline your production cycles and devote more time toward ideation and customer servicing instead of manual content optimization.

AI-Driven Content Optimization Tools to Consider

Before diving further, let’s cover several AI-driven content optimization tools worth implementing in your production cycle. These will help you not only publish higher-quality content more quickly but also ensure that your business generates traffic, leads, and sales as a result of their up-to-date databases and algorithms.

Content Automation (Creation)

Automated content marketing is a type of marketing that relies on AI automatically creating textual, visual, and auditory content. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms collect data about popular content and the target keywords and create unique and readable content.

However, there is one problem with AI-based content creation: the technology still has a long way to go create precious content for users. Instead, you can refer to platforms such as Trust My Paper, Evernote and Grab My Essay if you lack in-house writers and want to use AI solely for post-production and optimization.

Content Strategy

Machine learning can help marketers create content strategies by discovering new ideas based on research, identifying best-performing topic clusters, showing the most relevant keywords in your niche, and automating performance measurement.

As a result, such tools can help improve content strategies and be more relevant to customers in marketing communications.

Content Personalization

e-Spirit’s own AI-enabled content personalization tool delivers relevant and personalized digital experiences that influence customers and increase engagement. The device’s heart is the Intelligent Content Engine responsible for personalizing the digital experience for specific customers by finding relevant texts, ads, menus, CTAs, etc.

As a result, it becomes possible to personalize content in real-time based on a visitor’s clicks, conversions, subscriptions, or website behaviour. Since personalization is an effective way to influence customers’ decisions, 74 percent of marketers say it has either a “strong” or “extreme’ impact on advancing relationships with customers – using this strategy is a legit way to increase conversions.

Why asset performance optimization?

[2]Labour-intensive repairs and replacement of high-value assets are costly

The downtime required for repairs or replacements of support can cost $1.3 million per hour on average. AI helps extend asset lifecycles by 20-40 percent and maximize equipment uptime to improve productivity by 20 percent.

Businesses have limited visibility into asset performance

Industries relying on high-value machinery need better insight into condition and performance to prevent asset downtime. AI adds context to asset performance predictions and helps companies predict likely problems, reducing workplace incidents by up to 14 percent.

Traditional static maintenance solutions are limited.

Without drawing from unstructured data, insights needed to improve asset lifetime and efficiency are limited. For example, AI can optimize predictive maintenance to grow revenue by 15 percent.

How to Use AI SEO to Improve Your Website

What is AI SEO?

AI has become a core component of significant search engine algorithms, including Google’s Rankbrain and BERT. This factor means if you understand AI and how it impacts search engines, you can boost your SEO using AI.

But that’s not all.

AI is also an excellent tool for data analysis, which is a significant part of designing an effective SEO strategy.

From helping you spot trending topics to discovering content gaps, you can do tasks faster and more efficiently with AI-powered SEO software.

AI and SEO are a match made in digital heaven.

Why is AI SEO Important?

Although both AI and SEO are complex disciplines, used together, they make it easier for you to boost your website’s rankings.

One thing to keep in mind about search engines is they always put the user first. Therefore, they aim to deliver content that’s as relevant as possible.

Because of this, SEO is not just about keywords anymore. It’s about:

  • Concepts: What is the idea behind the searchers’ query?
  • Context: What is the intent behind the searchers’ query?
  • Customer satisfaction: What are the most relevant answers to the user’s query?

So, keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore (and hasn’t since Hummingbird). For your content to rank, you need a tremendous link-building strategy to optimize for AI-powered search engines.

Today (and in the future), one of the main factors that impact ranking is user experience. And AI is one of the best ways to provide website visitors with a positive experience.

Let’s quickly look at six ways it can help boost your SEO.

AI SEO: 6 Ways to Use AI to Improve Your Website

Now that you understand what AI is and how AI SEO can impact your site, let’s look at a few ways to use AI SEO to keep up with modern SEO tactics.

Opportunity Discovery With AI SEO

One of the most important aspects of SEO is discovering hidden ranking opportunities that haven’t been exploited.

That’s one of the areas artificial intelligence SEO is proving to be effective in helping boost your website’s rankings. Powerful AI-powered SEO tools have emerged in the last couple of years, giving you more in-depth insight into:

  • Keywords you should be targeting
  • Link building opportunities

These and other insights that you can get from AI-powered SEO software are crucial to crafting a content strategy that will exponentially boost your website’s SEO.


The impact of AI is tremendous, and we might as well learn how it can improve our website.

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