What are Social Media Contests and Stories?

Contests and Story Ideas

Please take a look at the following article. We have compiled these articles to help you with ideas on engaging your social media followers, creating new followers, and having fun with your social media marketing. The goal is to interact with your followers with stories and contests!

[1]As businesses struggle with drops in organic reach and saturated markets, connecting and engaging followers on social networks is getting harder. Plus, coming up with a steady stream of content like social media contest ideas is also challenging.

However, with social advertising spending in the US expected to hit $18.4 billion, companies aren’t backing down from digital marketing.

Have you noticed a drop in engagement levels? Perhaps your list of followers is stagnant, and you want to boost brand awareness or build your email list?

Whether you want to grow Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, it’s best to shake up your content calendar with various posts that engage your audience (without alienating them.) A powerful way to increase interaction across social media platforms is well-designed contests, one reason why 96% of event creators and marketers consider social media contests an effective strategy.

Consumers engage more with brands who run contests resulting in higher post impressions. Including contests in your strategy can grow your following 70% faster on platforms like Instagram.

If you’re stuck for ideas, reboot your marketing efforts with these innovative social media contest ideas. First, tweak each one to reflect your branding and demographics, then share across your social platforms.

Fun and Creative Contest Ideas Using Quizzes

On average, a quiz gets shared 1,900 times on social media. That’s because consumers appreciate a much-needed distraction. You can educate your audience, help them find the right product, or reinforce their lifestyle choices through thoughtful social media contest ideas.

Quizzes are also a great way to reuse existing content. If you already have an infographic, checklist, or popular blog post, then rework that into a quiz. Tie your contest to books, movies, TV shows, or anything else that complements your brand.v

[2]With all the buzz about decreasing organic reach on social media and changing algorithms, contests are among the few tactics that have withstood the constant change.

There is something about a contest that sparks curiosity and drives action from people. And while the delivery of contests may have changed with new technology and platforms for consumer interaction, the essence of their powerful capabilities has remained much the same.

With that being said, if you run a contest like it was in 1999, you are unlikely to achieve genuine outcomes for your business. You need to keep up with the trends of today or risk wasting valuable time and resources.

The rest of this article will look at 10 social media contest trends making waves in 2019 to help you stay ahead of the curve.

#1. Story-based contests

With the rapid growth of ephemeral content sharing in recent years, especially via Facebook and Instagram Stories, it’s no surprise that contests have found their way into this distribution channel.

Despite hundreds of millions of social media users engaging with stories, only 9 percent of major brands have come to the party. So as you can imagine, this presents a big opportunity for those willing to move fast and utilize stories for promoting contests.

Stories are the perfect distribution channel for contest promotion for several reasons:

  • The content is only available for 24 hours, which creates a sense of urgency and persuades people to take action.
  • The engagement and view rates on stories are much higher than content in the newsfeed.
  • The design of Facebook and Instagram gives positional prominence to stories, so they are seen by more people.

#2. Emphasis on video

As an extension of the stories feature, Facebook has given greater prominence to video in other places. For example, Facebook Watch, Facebook Live, and IGTV are preferred content in the newsfeed algorithm.

Despite not seeing a significant presence of contests on these platforms just yet, the signs are there for it to happen. And it makes sense. Videos are on fire at the moment and show no sign of slowing down. Plus, the nature of Watch, Live, and IGTV offers a perfect accompaniment for contests with their high engagement and time-bound nature.

#3. More prizes and more contests

Another social media contest trend taking shape in 2019 is the regularity of giveaways. In the past, brands would focus their energy on less frequent contests with bigger prizes. However, given the aforementioned shifts in user behaviour regarding interaction and engagement on social media, it has opened up new opportunities for running contests more regularly.

For example, instead of running a quarterly or yearly contest, some brands give away low-end products and offers on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis through Instagram Stories and other social media channels.

These frequent contests tend to have a lower barrier to entry and are designed to build brand awareness and increase followers more so than generate quality leads. Therefore, there is still a place in your “contest” marketing strategy for both low-end frequent contests and the less regular contests with big prizes you use for lead generation.

#4. Recurring giveaways

This trend of holding more contests has initiated the concept of recurring giveaways. As I mentioned above, some brands run contests monthly, weekly, or even daily on social media.

What you will find is that these contests form somewhat of a linear and predetermined structure. For example, you may give away one low-end voucher every day for 90 days, rather than one large prize in the same period. The financial outlay is much the same for the business, but this approach’s ongoing engagement and consistency provide different benefits.


We hope that the above-compiled articles have been helpful and can give you ideas to create interaction with your social media followers.

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