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Managed WordPress Hosting

Are you being charged outrageous amounts for simple website edits?
Does it take a lifetime to get the most straightforward website edits done?
Have you tried to do your website edits but get lost as soon as you start?

At, we created our Managed WordPress hosting to alleviate stress and build confidence that your site is up-to-date and that website edits get done quickly and no invoice shock.


Website Hosting

Choosing a hosting company is as essential as selecting the right tool to get a job done correctly. 

At, we focus on reliability, security, and speed, all of which are important to your Google ranking.

Do not be fooled by “low-cost” hosting providers that do not focus on these critical factors.


Website Optimization

Google wants websites that are fast, secure, and mobile-friendly, and Google recommends that your site be search-friendly. Search engines use all of these factors as a part of the search ranking algorithm. 

RapidPage Website Optimization service addresses these Google concerns to get your website Google compliant.