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Website Hosting

Website Hosting is so important to your Google presence!

There are many different types of website hosting, and there are many different prices too. Choosing a hosting company and package is as important as choosing the right tool to get a job done correctly. The other criteria for reliable hosting are security. The server must be secure from hackers, malware, and phishing sites. And it is so important to remember that speed is a crucial ingredient now for your Google ranking.


Managed WordPress Hosting

Do you wish that you could keep your website up-to-date?
Are you being charged outrageous amounts for simple website edits?
Does it take a lifetime to get the most straightforward website edits done?
Have you tried to do your website edits but get lost as soon as you start?

WordPress Hosting, by RapidPage, to the rescue!
  • Managed WordPress Hosting gives you the peace-of-mind.
  • You can focus on your business.

Website Speed Optimization

Google has stated that it will start penalizing websites that are slow loading as soon as 2019, especially websites that do not load quickly on mobile devices.

Critical factors for slow loading websites?
  • Unoptimized images & videos
  • Misconfigured plugins
  • Poorly written code