Website Development – Online Tools – Part 2

I wanted to make another article about other tools that we use to manage our websites and website business.

Image And Vectors

Over the years, I have used many different photo sites, and they either close down or get bought by a big media house. I have used DollarPhotoClub, which was bought out by Adobe, and have used, but their prices are now too high. 

For more than a year, I use, I like their assortment of images and vectors, and I like their flat-rate monthly pricing plans.

Check them out here: (I am not an affiliate of this website)

Online Surveys/Forms

When you need a survey or form for your website or need to track or remember things, then Google forms might be the answer. What I like about Google Forms:

  • Free!
  • Integration with Google Sheets.
  • Easy to use, easy to setup
  • Google Forms stores all data to a spreadsheet.
  • It can be sent as a link or embedded into a website.
  • The possibilities are endless.

Here is what we use it for:

  • Expenses
  • Hours
  • File Management
  • More

Check them out here: subscribe to the personal, it’s free! (we are NOT an affiliate for this site)


I struggled for many years, trying to keep my billing and invoicing. I never wanted to pay for credit card transactions. However, those days are gone. Especially with Covid-19, the requirement for a no-touch interface is now even more critical, and that is why you may want to consider an online billing/invoicing system. 

About seven years ago, I saw, a Canadian operation, a small number of customers, and I tried it out. I have never looked back, even though, over the years, the cost per month has increased.

Feature Set:

  • Simple to use.
  • Easy setup.
  • Freshbooks includes multiple payment gateways – Stripe, PayPal (Freshbooks classic), WePay (Freshbooks default), and Stripe.
  • GL accounts
  • Recurring billing.
  • Expense tracking.
  • Links to your bank account for expense tracking.
  • Expense tracking is straightforward because the Freshbooks software links to your Credit Card.
  • Reports for all types of accounting functions
  • Profit/Loss to calculate your tax payable.
  • Sales tax reports

Sales Features:

  • Estimates – use these to send project estimates to clients, and when the client accepts, it takes two clicks to turn it into an invoice.
  • Freshbook Expenses – You can assign expenses to a project.
  • Freshbook Hours – You can assign hours to a project.
  • Freshbook Projects – You can create invoices from expenses and hours.
  • Freshbook Parts – You can create a list of parts for easy recall when creating invoices or estimates.

Check them out here: We are NOT an affiliate for this website.


Any or all of the above tools may assist you in managing your business or website. 

If you have any questions on any of the above software, please give us a call at