Don’t Forget About Website Speed Optimization

Why Speed Optimization?

Website Speed Optimization is an essential factor with your online business that you do not want to forget. Several changes are needed to improve website speed, and when you do this, you will get more effective online results.

Importance of Website Speed

The speed of any website is vital for several reasons. However, the most important of all is user experience. However, it impacts SEO results too. No website owner that wants a successful website is going to overlook speed optimization efforts. When you are not sure where to make improvements, it is easy to get help.

Getting Help

There are website design experts that provide services that target this need. It is essential when you are looking to make improvements that you consider how a website’s speed can be improved. 

Consider your website design first because this is of primary importance. Secondly, check and reduce the number of plugins if you are using WordPress. And finally, remove externally linked or embedded scripts, such as Social Media Pixels, you want your website to load without waiting for third party scripts to load.

User Experience

There is a direct correlation that website speed plays in overall site experience, so do not overlook this critical component of your website optimization.

Once you have improved your website speed, then you will likely see drastic changes. This change will spill over to improved SEO results too. 


If you want visitors to stay on your website, a fast loading website means you are in touch with your users. Your website speed is essential. 

If you need help with website speed optimization, call RapidPage today.

Written by Nicholas Hughes