Video Marketing – It Now Replaces The Phone

Video Marketing – It Now Replaces The Phone (for outreach), (for connecting), (for follow-up), (for support), (for onboarding), (for product support/use), (product introduction/information)


If you are wondering how to reach, engage, communicate, and keep client loyalty, you may want to consider video marketing. We have compiled this list of articles to show you the power and opportunities that videos create for your marketing efforts.

Videos Now Replace Telemarketing?

[1]Businesses use telemarketing to generate leads, make sales, and perform other marketing activities to connect and interact with their customers over phone calls.

Formerly it only meant calling prospects to sell their products or services. But nowadays, it has evolved with video conferencing calls, for a more interactive session between a salesperson and a potential or existing customer.

With the digital marketing invasion, traditional marketing tactics like telemarketing have been replaced by social media and content marketing.

People are no longer interested in receiving these calls, and they also have the means to ignore and block them altogether. Additionally, they can shop online, which makes the whole premise of telemarketing redundant.

[2]Creating videos to optimize your workflow

Owning a business, you probably repeat yourself a lot. When people ask you what your business is all about when customers or potential customers email with questions about your product or service, when you’re onboarding new employees… and repeating takes time.

If you ever find yourself repeating something more than once, it’s perfect fodder for a video. When you get asked the same things again and again, it’s a strong indication that it’s content that your customers—and potential new customers—are craving.

And, for the workflow-obsessed, you’ll be pleased to know it’ll save you time too. Just keep your video links on hand to use them in email responses, embed them on your website to preempt questions, and save yourself the time of feeling like a broken record.


We keep hearing that the economy is bad and may take some time to recover. It’s easy to get down on the news like this. But, it’s always nice hearing about ways to save money and become more efficient. Here are 3 ways video can help you save money in your business.

1. Product training videos save countless hours of telephone support:

Last year Jeff Long (one of our stunningly talented video producers) was hired to travel to Texas for a week to film a series of training videos for Bowie Industries. They had 7 main pieces of machinery that were complicated to operate and maintain. Bowie Industries was constantly getting phone calls on servicing and operating the machinery. The videos cut down on the amount of time on the telephone. Instead, Bowie sent a link to the caller, who had short videos that walked through each aspect of service and operation. It was a huge time saver for Bowie and meant they didn’t have to be on the phone all day and could devote their day to other needs, saving the company a lot of money.

How could you create training videos, product demonstrations, or video FAQs that would help your personnel save a lot of time?

2. Recording live presentations saves money and builds a training catalog:

We’ve seen a huge increase in companies asking Exit Row Productions to come to their presentations to film them. We’ve live-streamed them over the internet, as well as put them onto DVD and created web formats. We can even create a special website or web page that is password protected. This enables each company to send the videos to those who couldn’t attend the live presentation or training. It also means that you don’t have to fly everyone from across the country so that they can be a part of a presentation. We’ve found that videotaping these presentations is a huge money saver for these companies and allows them to have a catalog of training videos, presentations, and information that can be used for years to come.

Do you have any upcoming live presentations, seminars, or training that needs to be recorded? We’d love to help.

3. Product Promotions shows your target audience:

Do you have a product or service that needs to get the attention of potential buyers? Do you spend a lot of time explaining, making phone calls, and sending out literature? Why not put all the benefits and features into a short video? Video shows off your products in ways that explaining can’t accomplish. In fact, Dr. Fames McQuivey of Forrester Research said that “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”. When you take into account the adage that “an image is worth a thousand words,” and most videos have several thousand still images moving at 30 frames per second. It makes you wonder why you’ve been wasting your time on brochures, text-only websites, and other outdated tactics. The video will take the pressure off of you and put the spotlight back on your great products and services.


If you are not using videos, you may want to consider starting using them today. If you have any questions on this article or need help creating a video for your marketing efforts, please call today. has compiled this article, and the related reference links are listed below.