The Importance Of Website Backups

I have been in the Website Hosting, Website Design, and IT business for more than a decade. I have found that data backup and disaster recovery is a forgotten task. Because of the reliability of computers and servers, we forget that the seemingly impossible can happen. We can lose data in a moment, a hard drive can fail, we can lose a thumb drive, or worse, data can be hacked or hardware stolen.

It’s Never Too Late

The time is now to have a backup plan. It would help if you had this plan for all of your data. Remember all of your computers, your cell phone, your portable devices, and your website.

Cloud Backup

I have been using Google Drive since it started in 2012. I have hundreds of gigabytes of data; all of my computers remotely backup, and so does my cellphone.

Local Backup

To ensure that I have a complete backup of my data, I use a desktop computer as a server, and using SyncToy (a free Microsoft product), I can locally backup my data.

Portable Data Backup

I try only to use thumb drives as a portable data device because these drives are very susceptible to corruption. So if you are using thumb drives to hold your data, it is strongly recommended that you back these up daily.

Website Backup

If you are using WordPress, there are a lot of free backup plugins. We use All-In-One migration with its premium “Google Drive Extension” plugin to remotely backup our websites. This approach gives us both local and remote backup for all of our sites.


Do not forget backups, its too expensive to recover data!

If you need assistance with data backup or data recovery, please call RapidPage today.

Written by Nicholas Hughes