The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

I have personally found that many small business owners get the terms marketing and advertising confused. They have been convinced, over time, that advertising is marketing. This confusion is terrific for advertisers because it keeps their clients returning to them. However, this is not accurate.

For advertising, a client provides money to someone to have their ad display on an advertiser’s platform, whether it be a billboard, a newspaper, or a digital platform such as Google or Facebook. 

Develop a Long-Term Strategy

Now with marketing, it is a long-term strategy to get a brand or a website, a product, or a service known. Marketing can take many forms, direct mail, email, radio talk show spots, television appearances, blog writing, speaking engagements, and book writing. The entire purpose of marketing is to develop top-of-mind awareness to a specific market segment. This top-of-mind awareness is to position the product, service, company, or brand, so when the client is ready to purchase, it comes to mind.

The problem with marketing is time, and it takes time and effort to develop a marketing plan and time to implement that plan. 


To keep your company top-of-mind, you need both a long term marketing plan and an advertising strategy while you get the plan moving. And without a marketing plan, your advertising cost will always increase because of competition and market volatility.

In Conclusion

Advertising is a part of your Marketing Strategy. You will need Advertising to jump start your marketing efforts, promote special events, or bring awareness to new products or services. Marketing is the long-term strategy to keep your company, merchandise, and service top-of-mind with your clients.

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Article by Nicholas Hughes