Support – Knowledge Base

  • Free (free as in free speech) here is a list of links to powerful free resources and downloads:

    • Free Images:
    • Free Vectors:
    • Free Infographics:
    • Download Royalty Free Images
    • Free Ecards for all special Events:
    • Photo Editing: Pixlr software is extremely easy to use and it is a free alternative to PhotoShop, there are also tons of Tutorials on YouTube too.  
    • Here is another free resource for downloading TrueType fonts:
    • Font Selector A-ZFont is an amazing resource, I use it to determine the font for a logo.
    • Color Wheel: This tool is really helpful for those needing help to select a color theme/template for your logo or website, you can select the different types of “color rules” and then move the interior chart accordingly. Adobe Color: So far this site is still free, here is another link to a similar site that has been free for years. Paletton:
    • Image sharing, this is ideal for troubleshooting, here is an excellent video on the use
    • Royalty Free Music, ideal for videos, here is the link:
    • Finding CC licensed videos on YouTube
      1. Do a search and find the filters option. After you do a search on YouTube, click on the filters option.
      2. Filter results. Under ‘Features’ select Creative Commons. Now all the videos in the search will be licensed under Creative Commons.
  • Free (free as in free speech) here is a list of links to powerful free open source software.  Each one of these software packages may be hosted on your own server or shared hosting space.  We use several of these packages ourselves and we will be providing tutorials on how to install and setup each one of them. We offer installation support (for small fee) for each of these software packages:

    • Ticket / Support Software: 
    • Project Management Software (like “basecamp” and others):
      we use this for managing all of our projects, tasks and keeping communication open with aour VA’s (virtual assistants}
    • Sales Automation Software: this software competes with very “High-End” web marketing software costing thousands of dollars per month.
  • Here is my list of “must have” WordPress plugins, their links and what they are used for (for a small fee, we offer assistance to setup and configure each of these plugins too):