Social Media Marketing Automation Tools for
Less than $20/Month/Brand

Social Media Automation Tools for less than $20/month/brand


We have written many articles on the power of Social Media Marketing, and we thought that we would compile a list of social media automation tools that you can purchase for less than $20/month/brand. Take a look at our other article – Can Social Media Marketing be Done Without Automation?

[1]Best Social Media Management Tools

There are two universal truths about marketing automation tools:

  • Not every business or marketing team needs one.
  • For those who do, choosing a marketing automation solution requires a lot more subtlety and nuance than just buying the first all-in-one tool that pops into your head (usually Marketo or HubSpot)

With that in mind, choosing the right tool for your team comes down to two things:

1. Knowing when you’re ready for marketing automation 2. Understanding your use case and needs

Too many marketers unknowingly make a mistake on that first part—diving into an automation tool long before they really need it. And too many round-ups miss the mark on the second part, listing robust, expensive, all-in-one tools that not every marketing team needs.

This article covers how to know if your team and your organization are ready for a full-fledged marketing automation solution. Then, instead of just listing tools, we categorize the best marketing automation tools by seven of the most common use cases—so you can be more precise in finding the right fit for you.

[2]Do you want to boost your brand awareness or substantiate your brand power? Do you dream of heavy traffic on your website? Do you wish for a more loyal customer base? The answer to such wishful thinking lies within the rich and crowded realm of Social Media.

Today, social media channels, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, are goldmines of prospective clients, customers, and potential revenue for any business. As such, it is imperative to learn how to exploit these platforms to gain maximum benefit. However, that’s easier said than done.

How exactly do you harness the power of such platforms that harbor millions of users across the globe for your advantage?

Marketers have been designing and implementing strategies with varying degrees of success. Some entrepreneurs end up exhausting tons of money for no result whatsoever.


Pricing: Includes a free plan for basic email marketing. Automation ranges from $16/month to custom Enterprise pricing, based on features and number of contacts.

For marketing automation, it’s hard to find a more comprehensive tool than Omnisend. What sets this platform apart from the others on this list is the omnichannel functionality: you can add several channels to the same automation workflow: email, SMS, push notifications, Facebook Messenger, and more. This means that you can create an immersive omnichannel experience for your customers, which automatically sends them the message via the channel they’ve opted for. With advanced targeting, split automation, and an easy drag-and-drop builder, Omnisend is definitely a marketing automation tool worth a look.


Best for small and medium businesses to create and manage visual campaigns on Instagram.

Buffer is an intelligent social media management platform that streamlines important social media content to gain lucrative results and increase follower engagement. Since its inception, the tool has been the favorite of brands, businesses, agencies, and professionals alike.

Buffer allows you to publish content constantly and facilitates the analysis of your published social media campaigns. It is considered the best to visually plan and schedule content, measuring and analyzing social media campaign reports. It also helps in building a strong Instagram community.


  • Stories planner
  • Hashtag planner
  • Shop grid
  • Include the first comment when scheduling post
  • Stories and post analytics

Verdict: What is appealing about this tool is its clean and attractive user interface. The navigation system is seamless and has one of the best customer support systems in the industry. It is especially good when it comes to building a strong community on Instagram.

Price: Free, paid plan price varies from $15, $99, $199, and $399 per month with a 14-day free trial.


ContentCal is the ultimate tool for bringing your team together. It’s essential for creating social media content production workflows and managing ongoing projects.

You don’t have to provide any credit card information to get started with their free trial. You can also sign up for their Hobbyist plan, free for single users to access four social profiles, one calendar, and 10 posts per month.

Their features cover all the bases, from planning and publishing content to reviewing analytics and responding to conversations.

For creating content, your team uses the content hub to collaborate on all ongoing social media content initiatives. You can integrate with all your favorite tools, including Trello and Slack, and the pinboard makes filling your calendar as easy as dragging and dropping posts.

This platform also includes snippets to save commonly used phrases and a web clipper tool so you can grab resources you want to share while you’re browsing the internet.

Other notable features include:

  • Robust analytics reports for measuring content performance, follower growth, engagement, and more, all displayed in colorful graphs and charts.
  • Tagging options to organize all your output by theme, category, or any other category you want to track.
  • A shared team inbox for managing all social media conversations in one central location.

ContentCal Upgrade Options

  • Pro: $17/month when paid annually
    • You must sign up for a full year to access the Pro tier.


Canva is one of the free social media management tools, which is a web-based platform. It allows small and large businesses to produce customized graphs, prints, and presentations.

This is all done with professional layouts, templates, frames, voice icons, and so much more.

Even though certain features can only be used once paid, Canva offers quite a few features that allow users to share with their teams. This makes it easier to receive feedback on tasks, projects, and processes by adding teammates.

Canva also offers a style guide set by the user, under the section of the brand. This is one of the social media management tools for small businesses that help them grow.

The best part is that the software offers quite a lot in the free version, making it one of the best free social media management tools.

Key Features

  • Provides themed layouts and customized templates for several occasions.
  • It allows the user to have access to stock images and illustrations.
  • Social media graphics are provided and customized according to the user’s needs.
  • The user has access to a whole library of fonts.
  • It has features that allow the user to drag & drop images and graphics as they edit the visual to how they want it.
  • Canva also has customizable branding features, which allow the users to develop the brand from scratch.
  • User-friendly photo editing features.


Canva has three price plans with top features, and below are the details:

  1. Free – cost is free, 8,000 free templates, 100 plus design types,100s of free stock images and graphics.
  2. Pro – cost is $12.95/month; billed monthly and $9.95/per user/month; billed annually, has everything that the free plan has, branding kit, custom templates, one-click redesign, and free templates.

If you have problems coming up with new content to post on your social profiles, you may want to consider MeetEdgar as a solution.

This software will recycle old posts when you run out of new ones to make sure your posting queue is never empty.


Pricing: Ranges from $9 – $400+ per month, based on features and number of contacts.

As a marketing automation tool, ActiveCampaign does perhaps the best job of working automation into real human processes. The reality is, marketing software can’t handle everything—there are aspects of marketing that need a human touch. ActiveCampaign built their software around that, adding features like notification emails that empower marketers and salespeople instead of replacing them.


With SocialOomph, you can manage your Twitter accounts for free. This includes scheduling your tweets, tracking keywords, saving and reusing drafts, and more. You can add and manage up to five Twitter accounts (unlimited with the paid plan).

If you sign up for a Professional account ($17.97 every two weeks), you gain similar features for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Plurk. You also gain the ability to tweet via email and schedule and post blog posts and pages.

With the paid plan, you can manage all of your tweets (for all of your Twitter accounts) from oneTweetCOCKPIT. This allows you to integrate your timelines and pull in additional tweets that contain specific keywords regardless of whether you follow the tweeter or not.

One unusual feature available to SocialOomph Professional users is self-destructing (time-limited) updates for Facebook and Twitter. These allow you to post updates to Twitter and Facebook that will automatically be deleted from your Twitter account / Facebook feed after a period of time that you select.

You can also set up recurring updates, which publish at regular intervals (hours, days, or weeks). You can provide alternative text options so that each post is not identical.


A single platform for discovering and scheduling content and managing all your social media profiles, Crowdfire makes social media management simple.

Key Features:

  • Discover relevant content based on your interests
  • Pre-schedule your social media content
  • Automatically customize posts for all your social profiles.
  • Optimize your Twitter profile

Cost: Free – $33.32/month


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