Smart Marketing Ideas to Promote a
Newly Created Website

Smart Marketing Ideas:

Newbies struggle trying to find new and innovative ways to market their websites. We have compiled these articles to assist you in your website marketing efforts. At the bottom of the article is the link to all of the reference articles.

[1]These days, anyone can build a stellar website. Fun fact: There are almost 2 billion websites worldwide, with new ones created every second.

Among all that internet noise, your website and ideas deserve to stand out. And that means you’ve got to advertise! Fight to get your name and brand out there and then draw visitors to your site.

But what if you’re on a budget?

You’re in luck! Effectively promoting your new website can be done on the cheap. Experiment with these free and inexpensive website promotion ideas and watch the traffic roll in!

1. SEO Keywords

When you are looking to answer a question or solution to a problem, your first resource is probably Google. Google searches can be a powerful source of website traffic – if you play your cards right. When your potential customers search for something on Google, they aren’t likely to look down past the top two or three results. So your goal is to get keyword searches related to your website to show up near the top. That’s where search engine optimization ( or SEO strategy) comes in.

SEO is the science/art of increasing your website’s visibility in organic search engine results. You can do this by filling your pages with key phrases that people are likely to search for. SEO is a basic but essential method of bringing traffic to your website; without it, your website can get lost among the thousands of voices clamoring for your visitors’ attention.

You can improve your website’s search result rankings by doing things like creating and editing quality content to include key search phrases and increasing your linkbacks – the number of links your website gets from other sites. Backlinks are essential to your Google rankings, as they demonstrate the popularity of your website.

Use Google AdWords keyword planner to find keywords related to your website and get stats on how often they are searched in your target market. Use this insider info to plan your content to draw in organic search engine traffic. Learn how to utilize this tool, and you may discover a few new keywords to power up your content.

While SEO can be cost-effective — if you do the work yourself, you won’t have to pay anything for it — optimizing your website for search engines is definitely not a quick fix. It can take time to master SEO methods and optimize your website, and it can take some time to build links, optimize pages, and determine which keywords bring in new visitors. You might consider hiring or contracting with an SEO marketing expert if your budget permits or invest your time in learning the tricks yourself.

2. Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click (PCC) advertising is another method to make Google work for you — albeit one that takes a bit of cash. Basically, instead of leaving your website’s search engine rankings to chance, you’ll create an ad and pay a fixed price for every click your ad gets when it shows up on a Google search or website. Your goal is to convert clicks into customers, hopefully seeing a strong return on investment. Google AdWords has no specific spending requirement, so you can easily keep within your budget and focus on your ROI.

3. [2]Take advantage of email marketing

There’s a reason you always see email marketing placed high up on articles that talk about how to drive traffic to your website. Why? Because it’s proven to be effective over and over. In fact, its average rate of return can be as high as 4400%, or $44 for every dollar spent.

Newsletters are a particularly effective form of email marketing since they are a direct form of communication between you and your potential customers. They also help you get subscribers and can help drive traffic to your site. Create an engaging newsletter, keep your content punchy and direct, and use prominent CTAs that encourage readers to click. That will help your content stand out from the sea of other newsletters your subscribers may receive.

Wix’s email marketing services will help you create, send and share professional email newsletters and other email marketing campaigns in minutes.

4. Start a blog

When considering how to promote your website, a good practice is to create a blog to bolster your SEO and increase your site’s rank on search engines. Blogging makes it easier for people to find your site and discover your business. On top of that, it helps you establish yourself as an authority in your field and dramatically improve your conversion rate.

Writing blog posts forces you to research your market, and in turn, broadens your knowledge and professional skills. As for the technical side of starting a blog, Wix streamlines this process, making it easy to add a blog to your website.

Even if you’re not much of a writer, you can still benefit from including a blog on your site. This definitive guide on how to write a blog post will teach you how to create strategic posts that generate brand awareness and increase your website traffic.

Try guest blogging

Expand your website promotion even further by collaborating with a guest blogger. When another writer in your industry writes a post on your own blog, you expand your reach to their audience and gain quality leads. Also, connecting with writers who are already established in their field helps you grow your own network. This can bring you more exposure, traffic, and social media shares.

On the flip side, you can also promote your website by becoming a guest blogger yourself. If you choose to go this route, you’ll be writing articles that will be published on sites other than your own.

This is a crucial marketing strategy that yields huge benefits. First, it strengthens your SEO when you include a link to your site in a guest post or author bio. Second, it generates awareness of your brand by encouraging new audiences to click on your site and browse.

5. Harness the power of social media

Social media isn’t just a way for your friends from high school to show off pictures of their children or snap photos of what they ate for lunch. It’s also an effective way to promote a website, as it helps businesses reach a diverse audience and build brand awareness.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, social media marketing is important for engaging followers. Importantly, posting compelling content increases your audience’s chances to share it – which is free promotion for your website.

Don’t forget to cross-promote, so all of your networks benefit from as much of your content as possible. For instance, you can share your Instagram video on Twitter or your latest blog post on your Facebook page. You can also add a social bar to your website so that visitors can easily find your social profiles and share your content.

6. [3]Reddit

The “front page of the internet” has huge potential only if you know how to tap it. For the uninitiated, Reddit is a place where you can share and discuss just any topic that doesn’t go against the rules with its millions of users.

What makes Reddit stand out in particular to marketers is that blatant advertising will not work here. Redditors are a brilliant and equally skeptical bunch; they will smell your ad from three blocks away and drop a ban on you.

Think marathon, not sprint, when you’re trying to promote on Reddit. Please prove that you have something worth saying before you actually say it.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Identify your niche

Where Reddit is concerned, this is most likely a subreddit–a niche forum with its own set of rules and moderators.

A simple google search for <your niche> -inurl:” comments” should reveal a bunch of options: this is where your target audience hangs out and the place you’ll need to acquaint yourself with.

Step 2: Become one of them.

It’s time to integrate yourself! Focus on following the relevant communities, on building reputation, relationships, and Reddit karma.

Each subreddit is different, so pay attention to what works for each audience (Do they have a fun-loving culture and love gifs and memes? Are they fond of lengthy, wordy discourse? Act accordingly.) Your approach matters a lot and determines whether you quickly become a regular in the community. Post thoughtful, insightful comments, and others will begin to return the favor.

Of course, make sure to read the rules of each subreddit and follow them religiously.

Step 3: Promote—delicately

Once you’ve spent a good amount of time giving back to the community and making some friends, you may start referencing your own website.

Even then, try to go about it in a way that doesn’t scream “blatant advertisement.” Asking for opinions or positioning your website as something that might help out or interest the community is some way to go about it.

7. Quora

Despite also being classified as an online forum, Quora is a very different animal from Reddit. In a nutshell, it’s a question-and-answer site that’s entirely user-generated. As a Quora user, you can choose to either ask questions or to answer them.

Think of Quora as a knowledge market: it’s a great place to respond to questions within your niche, establish authority and generate some traffic for your website along the way. This strategy can take up a lot of your time and requires dedication and some smarts, but it can really pay off.

Marketing on Quora can be a little confusing at first – here’s some guidance on how to do it.

Step 1: Zoom in on the right questions

It helps to think of this tactic as similar to guest posting. It’s all about strategic placement of your content: right channel, right people.

The simplest way to start is by using the search bar in Quora itself. Quora allows you to do both generic searches as well as searches within a specific topic.

After which, it’s a matter of sifting out the questions you’re able to position yourself as an authority on confidently.

The next step? Figure out which are the more popular questions to go after. To do this, look at the right sidebar when logged into Quora.

At first glance, the above screenshot shows that a question has 129,000 views. Good potential!

The last step is to look at recent answers posted to each question. If they’ve managed to chalk up lots of views as well, you’re on to a good thing. On the flip side, if an answer from 2014 has 8k views but one from three months ago has 40 views, it’s probably a dead topic. Move on in this case.

Step 2: Build referral traffic.

Post a good answer to each question while linking to your website where possible. Relevancy is key here; write to provide the best answer, and don’t shoehorn your link. Be succinct and focus on providing value.

Other tips include using images that complement your answer well, along with nailing a great intro (if you get featured in Quora’s email notifications, your answer gets a truncated preview, and you need to hook your audience in as quickly as possible.)

Of course, it’s best if the link is to content on your website that discusses the topic in further depth. Keep in mind that if your answer isn’t great to begin with, nobody is going to click the link you offered to “learn more.”

[4]Marketing Ideas for Contest Promotion

Post to deal sites –

People love free stuff, some more than others. The people who really love a good deal tend to frequent deal sites and forums. There’s almost always a sweepstake/contest forum section where you can add your content into the mix.

I’ve seen contests in which 90% of traffic is driven from these types of sites – alright, they aren’t always the most qualified leads, but if you want quantity over quality, this is a sound strategy. Start of submitting to Slickdeals and go from there. This can be a great form of restaurant marketing.

Hashtag-if your contest –

Adding a relevant (and unique) hashtag to your content helps you keep track of entries and makes them easy to scan through and organize. Besides, they’re just plain fun.

Make contests super sharable –

This means adding “share this contest” buttons if you have an entry form on a website or simply encouraging social sharing in general.


No matter what you chose, do not stop investigating ideas until something works for you! If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call

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