Benefits of an Online Event Calendar
for Small Businesses

Online Event Calendar

A few years ago, having an online calendar was expensive and out of reach for most small businesses. With everything being web-centric, an online calendar can be part of your website, and if you use WordPress, it is easy as a plugin to install.

Online Calendar Options:

  • Monthly Calendar View
  • Events as Posts (like a blog)
  • Sell Tickets To Each Of Your Events
  • Create Links To Your Events For Your Social Media Accounts

Benefits To An Online Event Calendar

  • Maximize Resources
  • Track Bookings/Tickets
  • Generate Revenue Through Ticket Sales
  • Collect Emails for Future Marketing 
  • Easy Event Management Tools

What is the cost?

If you are using WordPress, event calendars plugins are free. If you choose calendar plugins with premium options, there may be a nominal annual fee. And if you are not using WordPress, you may select a calendar SaaS (software as a service), and they start at about $50/month.

How Difficult Are They To Use and Install?

I have found that the WordPress calendar plugins work very similarly as posting a blog, you add the content, add the start date, add the venue, and publish. For the more advanced options like selling tickets, you may need to understand creating a button on PayPal.

How to get started?

Go to the plugin repository on WordPress and search “Event Calendar” install the one that looks right for you.

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