Sales – Is Telemarketing Dead?

This question, Is Telemarketing Dead, resonates on many levels. Because of technology, the phone seems somehow out of place. Email, SMS, Social Media have, for the most part, replaced the telephone. 

So for sales, is the telephone out-moded? Can a salesperson still use the phone to generate leads?

Problems Using The Phone For Sales:

  • People are hard to reach.
  • Voice mail is the ultimate call screener.
  • Scheduling inbound calls is required.
  • If you do not know the contact’s extension, you are not going to get through.
  • Everyone is multitasking, so the chance of someone taking unsolicited calls is almost zero.

How To Turn Phone Calls Into Sales Opportunities?

  • The phone may not be for cold calling.
  • The phone may not be for introductions.
  • The phone can be a meaningful, genuine connection to a prospect.
  • If you finally get an email responded to, immediately ask the prospect if you may call them. If you get the opportunity to call, you have now made a meaningful connection.

What Not To Do When Attempting Cold Calls:

  • Do not leave endless voicemails on a prospective client’s phone.
  • Do not keep calling and hanging up just before the voicemail engages.
  • Do not try sneaky tricks to try and fool the prospect into picking up the phone.
  • Do not try to be funny!

What To Do If You Get The Chance To Call:

  • Do be respectful of prospective client’s time and privacy.
  • Be prepared and get to the point on the call.
  • When the potential client says NO, do not ABC (always be closing), respectfully end the call.
  • Follow up each call with an email or snail mail, thanking them for their time.

So Is Telemarketing Dead?

No telemarketing is NOT dead. Effective telemarketing enhances the sales process and creates an individual connection with the prospective client. 

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Nicholas Hughes