RapidPage – History

RapidPage started in about 2007 as A2D, however, Nicholas Hughes has been in the IT (information technology) business since 1984.  His focus, at RapidPage, is to provide web technologies to small and medium size businesses.  These technologies include Web Site MarketingWebsite DesignEmail Marketing and Website Hosting.


RapidPage started as A2D in about 2007 doing conversions of old types of media to digital.  We converted hundreds of VHS to DVD, we converted miles of 8MM film to DVD, we converted miles of Super 8MM Film to DVD, we scanned thousands of pictures from peoples family albums to CD’s and DVD’s and USB drives so that they could have digital records of their valuable memories. And we still provide Analog-To-Digital conversions to this day.

Then we started taking Virtual Tours for Towns, Bed & BreakfastsMotelsHotelsTourismMuseumsHistorical SitesRental HallsAuditoriumsRestaurantsRetail Stores,  and so much more.  It was at this time we realized an opportunity to assist small to medium size business develop websites as a marketing tool for their businesses.


In about 2009 we coined “RapidPage” because it was our goal to provide fast 3-page “brochure style” websites to small “bricks and mortar” businesses.  We did about 100+ of these websites in less than 1 year and this gave us the ability to develop of our own CMS (Content Management System) and Project Management System and to expand RapidPage to a wider audience.


Because of our growth we needed a better way of managing our clients websites, up to then the technology was so poor that we had to develop our own CMS (content management system) and we found 5 wonderful clients that were willing to invest in our company to develop this system (all of these companies are still with us today).


Because of our growth and the need for reliable website hosting we developed our own hosting company with our own servers where we could host hundreds of client’s sites.  This move gave us some initial growth issues, but over time, it has been the right move because we intrinsically understand security, email, how Google index pages and the absolute requirement for speed and reliability for serving web pages to the internet.
This technology gives RapidPage a unique place in the industry for website delivery because we are a one-stop shop for our clients.


During this year we say an amazing development of web technologies and we could no longer keep-up with developing, maintaining and keeping our CMS up-to-date.  We research many CMS systems on the marketing with an objective that the technology had to be “open source“, it had to be updated regularly, it had to be accepted by a wide audience and it had to have the ability to be modified or improved with “plugins“.  After an exhausting hunt, evaluation, and testing we chose WordPress as our defacto standard for CMS.
WordPress market share accounts for about 23+% of all websites and over 70% of all CMS websites, it is developed by Automattic and it meets all of our criteria – Open Source, regularly updated, and expandable with plugin technologies.


2014 has been one of our biggest years of expansion, we have expanded our personnel, our capabilities, and our service offerings. During 2014 our clients came to us and asked us about how we could help them increase their business by utilizing their websites, generate more website leads and reduce their traditional advertising budget.

We spent about 6 months researching Google’s Search Engine Technologies and determined that there was both a market for us and an opportunity for our clients to expand both their business reach and increase leads by applying a cohesive plan to web site marketing.

At the same time, we expanded our design team to include branding and print media.  We wanted and felt it so important that our existing and new clients could call on us as a Media and Internet Management company.


In 2015 it is our goal to build our brand.  build and expand our Website Design business, build and expand our Web Marketing business, build and Expand our Email Marketing business and build and expand our website hosting business.

Without our clients being satisfied with our products and services we cannot grow so we have a strong focus on customer support and communications and we strongly invite both praise and criticism because with out both we cannot develop better as a company or as individuals.