Marketing – Tips For Using Videos
For Social Media Marketing

Tips For Using Videos For Social Media Marketing


Videos, social media are inseparable, we have compiled this list of articles to help you in your efforts to using video in your social media marketing efforts.

Important Video Tips:

[1]There’s no doubt that social media video is an important part of a successful, long-term content marketing strategy. After all, video content is what is driving the Internet today to a great extent. And it will continue to do so.

Look around, and you’ll find that more and more brands are using their own videos to connect to their target audience and build a relationship with them. This just wouldn’t have been possible with traditional content.

What makes online videos even more important for content marketers is its rising growth on social media. Video shares and views across various social networks have only increased over the years.

Social media users today are consuming various types of video content more than before, especially on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and of course, YouTube– which is tagged as the second largest search engine next to Google which means that the demand for social media video content is ever increasing, even though it is still at a budding stage.

Upload Native Video Content

Facebook is a great place to share videos and engage with your target audience. However, when doing so, try to upload and share native videos on Facebook instead of posting direct YouTube links. Why? Because it has been found that native videos perform 10x better on Facebook when compared to YouTube links.

In an extensive study conducted by Quintly, where they analyzed 167,000 FB profiles and 6 million posts, it was discovered that Facebook native videos received 478% more shares and 110% more interactions.

[2]Use the First few Seconds Wisely

In 2015, Time magazine cited a study published by Microsoft that shows our attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish. It claims people lose concentration after about 8 seconds, and you can bet that number is even lower now as the year 2019 approaches.

Social media shortened our attention spans and now, as advertisers, we are mere seconds away from our audience deciding to move on from our content.

[3]Tell a Compelling Story

Thoughtful storytelling that invokes powerful emotions is in the heart of every successful social media video. Stories are important because they awaken deep emotions in people, and that’s exactly what you want to do with your audience.

A researcher named Paul J. Zak wrote a piece called Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling research for Harvard Business Review that showed that great stories release oxytocin — a chemical that leads to a “bonding” experience — which is exactly what you should pursue with your followers. When you form a powerful connection with your audience, everything else comes naturally.

[4] Length Matters – Keep Them Short

Editing is one of the most difficult tasks of creating an effective marketing video. Viewers have short attention spans and the risk of creating longer videos is that they may not be watched through till the end.

If you have an important takeaway or call to action towards the end of the clip, viewers could miss it, so it’s better to keep your videos short or make sure your key messaging is up front, in the first few frames.

This why editing is essential. If required, hiring an experienced editor can deliver great results for your business.

Upload Directly to Social Media Platforms

Instead of uploading your videos on YouTube and then sharing the links out to other social networks, consider uploading your video content direct to your social media profiles, pages and groups. Each social network has its own methods of optimizing your videos for better results and visibility. Just sharing the links to YouTube or your business website may not be the optimum way to maximize your success.


We hope that this compilation has helped you to see the value and key points of using videos for your social media marketing campaign. If you have any questions, please call today. has compiled this article and all of the reference links are listed below.