Email Marketing


Sending email messages to clients or prospects defines the term “email marketing.” We could view any email sent as email advertising or company email marketing, if it includes promotions, specials and other things to increase trust, or brand awareness. email marketing programs include graphics design, email content writing and email collection and management of an email list from an email marketing database. Email Marketing Essentials

Email List

Building and maintaining the list is the most important part of an email marketing campaign, it must be up-to-date, and the list must NOT be spam. A quality list needs segmentation so that the content of an email gets to the correct audience.

The Design

The email its self must be simple to read, have a call-to-action, the font must be of the correct size, the images optimized. The title of the email is the most important so that the email will stand a better chance of being opened.

Finally, the email content must be anti-spam so that your advertising through email gets to in-box of the intended recipient.

Email Marketing System

The email sending software must have features to send email in groups, it must be able to track engagements – opens, click-through and bounces. If possible, the software must also be able to do A-B comparisons.

Email Advertising Campaigns

Selecting the correct time to send and the frequency of sending will guarantee a higher open rate and a lower unsubscribe rate.

Sending Service

If you are using WordPress to send you email marketing campaigns, you must choose a proper SMTP service such as SMTP2Go.

The Content

The content is ultimately where you are trying to get your subscriber to go. Therefore, the quality of the content, any links checked that they work properly. Also, spelling, and grammar needs checking.

Remember, they will criticize you for errors and you will lose credibility, so check your content before sending.

The Monitoring

Make sure you monitor the results of your small business email marketing and adjust accordingly for your next email!