Marketing – Positioning

It is so difficult for companies to take the time and differentiate themselves from their competitors. However, doing so will increase their revenue and will make happier clients too.

Marketing questions:

  • How does your product or service differentiate you from your competitors?
  • What do you offer that your competitors do not provide?
  • How do your services differ from your competitors?
  • Does your service delivery differ from your competitors?
  • Is your warranty different from your competitors?

Examples of product/service differentiation:

How can you differentiate?

Differentiation comes in many forms, response times, the service guarantee period, giving back to the community, and so many other opportunities to create market uniqueness. This distinction that you create must equate back to value that customers can see and appreciate. 

Here are some differentiation slogans:

  • Harry’s: You deserve a great shave at a fair price.
  • Simplisafe: Less markup more security.
  • At Voilà, we promise guaranteed freshness, at affordable prices, straight to your door.

How to discover differentiation:

  • Listen to your customers!
  • Read client reviews!
  • Where are you successful?
  • What do your clients praise you about most often?

What to do next?

Please take a look at your website, marketing materials, and compare it to your competitor’s marketing materials. Do you clearly define how you are different, and are these differences enough to convince someone to try your service or products?

When differentiating yourself from your competitor, it is not something to rush, so take your time, talk to the stakeholders, and get buy-in! And then make a plan to promote and separate yourself from the competition.

Should you need help in market positioning, please call today.

Nicholas Hughes