Marketing, Low Cost Ideas

Marketing can be difficult and expensive; here, we share some low-cost marketing ideas. As discussed in a previous article, “Is Print Media Outmoded,” using business cards, door hangers, signs, and door magnets are all good low-cost marketing ideas.

In another article, “Networking, Do Not Neglect,” we discuss the power of networking, and combining it with your print media are all excellent low-cost marketing opportunities.
So let’s discuss other opportunities:


You can create a lunch and learn for your clients and prospects. Lunch and Learn seminars are an excellent idea for capturing an audience by buying them lunch. You can discuss a topic of relevance that you are an expert and informative to your guests. You may even be able to get local groups to co-sponsor the event.

Lead Tree

Take an hour out of your life and develop a lead tree. A lead tree is a list of all of the people that you know and the potential people that these people may know. You can reach out to them via email marketing or snail mail.
If you want a potent low-cost marketing tool, try developing your lead tree today.

Affiliate Marketing

The dictionary defines affiliate marketing as “a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.”
Use your “Lead Tree” to see who might be interested in becoming an affiliate, and you do not need to get complicated. To begin with, offer a referral commission on an as-required basis.

Door-To-Door Sales

I have found that door-to-door sales are significant. However, you may get treated quite roughly, but you can build your business in the end.

Cold Calls

Now, this is NOT my favorite tool; however, it is quite useful. The challenge is getting a good list, picking a good market, knowing what to say, and accepting that your rejection rate is exceptionally high.


These tips are only a few of the available low-cost marketing tools; books like guerilla marketing are excellent resources for business owners. Whatever low-cost marketing strategies that you apply, track the results, and keep modifying them until they work for you and your personality.

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Written by Nicholas Hughes