Marketing – Marketing – Have You Lost Touch With Your Clients/Customers?

When you had visitors into your establishment, you could dialog with them, discuss their needs, and gage where they might be in the sales process. Today, because of COVID-19, it is difficult for small businesses to establish a one-to-one, face-to-face rapport with their customers. And small retail operations face a constant threat from companies like Amazon, who are eating into their profits through online sales.

How does Amazon Do It?

When looking at Amazon, at first, you think it as an online store. However, it is much more than that. They connect with their customers at so many levels.

Here is a point-form list of those connection points:

  • The product search is the first connection point.
  • They record recently viewed products, the second connection point.
  • Product reviews are the third connection point.
  • The product purchase is the forth, but not the most critical connection point.
  • Amazon sends a purchase confirmation email, the fifth connection point.
  • Amazon sends a product shipment email with a tracking link. This sixth connection point and is significant because customers will track their packages, and Amazon hopes they will purchase additional items.
  • Then wait.
  • Finally, the next day the package arrives. This seventh and most significant connection point is the box coming with the order. That box contains the order, but more importantly, is branded with the Amazon logo. Why is this step the most important? That box, with the logo, connects the purchaser to Amazon.

The Amazon Take-Away!

Here is a three-point takeaway:

  • They have created a minimum of seven connection points (TouchPoints) with each purchaser.
  • Amazon (the box with the logo) is in your house! When was the last time that you invited your local business owner into your home?
  • They have completed a Full-Touch system without ever having a salesperson call you, or interact with you, and you may be willing to give a product review on their website. Amazon’s full customer engagement is complete!

What Are Your TouchPoints?

How are you connecting, making touchpoints with your customers/clients?

  • Meetings?
  • Emails?
  • Phone calls?

Opportunities For Additional TouchPoints.

Here is a list of some touchpoints:

  • Events cards, with your logo, are sent to the client.
  • Add a product review portal on your website.
  • Any product packaging, boxes, bags have your logo and website.
  • And so many more.


Do not let the competition steal your business. You have worked hard at getting those clients, keep them. Please sit down and look at all of your TouchPoints, create new ones, keep connected with your clients, and do not let anyone poach them.

If you need help developing these touchpoints, call today.

Nicholas Hughes