Marketing, Being Consistent Matters!

Choosing a marketing method that works for you and your business is the first step to a successful marketing plan. The next, in my opinion, is being consistent.

The dictionary defines consistent as: “unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time.”

If you want any marketing plan to work, you need to do it consistently. You cannot expect any plan to work with a 1-time approach, and a reader needs to see a message 6x before it is accepted. Also, we do not know when a prospective client may need your product or service, so being consistent also means being there for when the need arrives.

Consistent Marketing Methods:

Things To Consider: 

  • Cost, to be consistent, choose an affordable marketing approach.
  • Time, to be consistent, choose a marketing approach that you have the time to do.
  • Expectations to keep your motivation set reasonable expectations.


Marketing is all about consistency, its not a race, its the journey. Prospects want to see that a company that they deal with has credibility; credibility takes time and effort. Don’t rush to get results with marketing. If you need results, quickly, read our article “The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising.

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Written by Nicholas Hughes