Is Printed Media Outmoded?

I am not going to waste your time; I am going to come to the point. Printed media is NOT outmoded. Here are some reasons why printed media is NOT dead:

  • Clients save good looking printed media
  • Printed media is viewable without an internet connection
  • Printed media is transferable
  • Printed media is eye appealing
  • Printed media means that you care about your business because you have spent the time and energy on getting it designed and printed.

Forms Of Printed Media

  • Business Cards, now you can print both sides, the card can have multiple messages, and the stock and quality of the cards are exceedingly terrific.
  • Brochures, you can have a single fold, trifold, z-fold, to name a few options, and multiple papers and paper coatings. The benefit of a brochure is that you can get your entire business offerings on a single printed document into the client’s hands or prospective.
  • Door Hangers are highly effective as printed marketing materials. If you offer services to homes or businesses with a storefront, you can get the news quickly to them with these door hangers.
  • Post Cards are another excellent form of lowcost marketing. You can send postcards to clients and prospects through the mail, promote products, announce specials, etc.
  • Door Magnets allow you to use your vehicle as an advertising bulletin board. If you purchase multiple magnets, you can promote different services/products by merely switching them over.
  • Window Decals are great for cars and storefronts. Remember, if you are always driving, your vehicle may become your best form of advertising.
  • Banners/Signs are multipurpose. You can signs in front of your store, at a tradeshow, and a job site. Signs are to be used to inform, direct, announce, and alert. Your creativity for using a sign is endless, and there are so many different methods of attachment.


In this digital age, do not forget or neglect the marketing opportunity that printed marketing materials derive.

Should you need any assistance in the design/development/printing of any printed materials, give RapidPage a call today.

Written by Nicholas Hughes