Is it Possible to Promote Businesses
Without Digital Marketing?

Growth Without Digital Marketing?

The short answer is yes. The caveat is it can be much slower and more expensive to market your business without digital marketing. The catch is that you can get confused or waste a lot of money sorting out the digital platform that is best for you and your business. However, don’t give up. Set limited budgets for your digital marketing plan, monitor it regularly and find the best platform for you. We have compiled these articles to give you ideas on marketing without digital.

Is it possible to promote businesses without digital marketing?

[1]Social media may be the hottest way of marketing a business, but it’s not completely necessary. Here are some ways you can build your business without it.

If you ask anyone for tips on getting a business off the ground, you’re almost always going to get an answer that includes something along the lines of “make use of social media.” Social media can be a great tool, but utilizing these websites and apps for a business is not the same as using them for personal profiles. There’s a learning curve here that does require more research and planning than most people expect. Because of this, many business owners either misuse social media or don’t make the most of it because they don’t have time to understand it.

So can you start and run a business without social media? Some people may say no, but the truth is that yes, you can. There are several ways you can promote your business offline that are still quite effective. In fact, some businesses may actually do much better with these methods than they would with social media. Let’s look at some ways you can be competitive in your industry without worrying about social media.

1. Put Up Posters and Flyers

One of the oldest forms of marketing is still quite relevant today. You can use posters and flyers to draw people to your business as long as you do some research and put them in the right place. Take a look at where people in your area tend to gather or pass through and place your flyers there if you can. Coffee shops, bars, and other places make great locations for flyers. Also, put up large posters in your windows or on the outside of your building, so people know where you are and what you provide.

2. Give Out Business Cards

Business cards are another classic marketing method, and they do work. Always have some cards in your wallet or purse to give out to people who are interested in your business. Try to create a card that fits with your overall company branding and stands out rather than a plain, boring one that looks like just about every other business card out there.

3. Offer Referral Incentives to Customers

One of the best ways of bringing in new customers is word of mouth. When a customer refers someone else to you, this new customer will already feel as if you’re a name to be trusted because a friend or family member trusts you. This means they’re much more likely to buy from you or use your service.

Creating word of mouth or getting others to refer friends isn’t always easy. Even though your customers may love what you provide, they may not feel the need to go out of their way to discuss your company with others. One way of increasing your referrals is to give customers a reason to talk about you. Creating a referral program where you provide the customer with a coupon or a free item for referring others gives them this reason. The more people they refer to you, the more they get, providing incentive.

4. Offer Branded Free Stuff

How many free pens, rulers, and other items have you picked up that have company names and other information on them? These free items are a great way of keeping your name in front of customers. Every time someone picks up a pen with your brand name on it, they will think of your company. These items are often available for very little money, especially if you buy them in bulk. Don’t limit yourself to pens, either. You’ll find many different marketing items that you can personalize, so look for one that fits with what you offer or is unique.

5. Use Email Marketing

Just because you’re avoiding social media doesn’t mean you have to avoid all types of internet marketing. Email marketing is more straightforward than social media. You can ask customers if they would like to be on your email list, send them information about new products, keep them up-to-date about what your company is doing, and provide them with coupons and other specials. Just remember not to overdo it. An email every couple of weeks is likely enough. Any more than that, and you risk alienating customers by spamming them.

6. Work with Bloggers

Another way of taking advantage of online marketing without learning social media is to take advantage of bloggers. You can find a blogger or two who will write about your business. Some will do it simply for content. Others may ask for a few free products to review or for a discount code for their readers. You want to make certain the blog’s audience is made up of people interested in what you offer. For example, having a blogger who mostly blogs about legal matters write a blog about your flower shop may not get the best results.

7. [2]Find business partners

Tie up a mutually beneficial partnership. If you sell flowers, make friends with decorators, wedding and festive agencies if you make your home baking business while on maternity leave, make cookies, cakes, and sweets at all possible events for your friends. They will tell clients about you, and you will, in response, place their advertising on the site or add information to your newsletter. Take into account that building business with men and women isn’t the same. Consider different strategies for dealing with them.

8. Print advertising

Advertise in local newspapers or magazines. This method is good because the Internet is not all. To track the effectiveness of advertising, offer a discount to customers who call the ad and call the code word. Let there be different words in different newspapers and magazines. Thanks to this trick, you will understand which sources lead to you more customers.

9. Become a sponsor of an event

The simplest way to make your brand recognizable in society is to be a part of society. Become a local event sponsor so that your company name is shown on flyers, tickets, or advertising booths. You can become a regular sponsor, for example, a youth sports team. Or organize an interesting event yourself.

Participate in charity events. Philanthropy is the future of marketing, and brands are actively using it. Already the majority of small and big companies are engaged in charity. Send some part of the earnings to charity – a good deed that will help you and in the promotion. Just help sincerely.

10. Brand the car

Turn your car into advertising on wheels, and it will work for you every day, regardless of whether you put the key in the ignition. Follow the usual advertising rules: a potential customer should immediately understand what you are selling and where to call if he needs it.

Do not spare money on the fact that advertising on cars was made beautifully and efficiently. Still, now it’s two in one: the car you drive every day and the face of your brand. The car should please you.

11. Attract the attention of media

Think up a brand story: what makes it unique, and why are you better than competitors? Next, look for a platform where you can tell it. Not necessarily struggling to get into the federal TV news release. Check out websites, mom’s blogs with a big audience, newspapers, magazines, TV channels, and radio stations.

Think about why it might be interesting to tell readers, viewers, listeners, about your business and play on it, telling the brand’s success story. Remember that it is necessary to speak briefly and to the point, but at the same time to intrigue media representatives so that they would like to talk more about your business.

If the first 4-5 editions failed, try changing the legend, submit it from the other side.

The easiest way is to blog: ask the owner to try your product and write your opinion about it (or tell in the video). Try this option if you are 100% sure of the quality and benefits of your product.

12. Share experience

You opened an online store, found suppliers, set pricing, tested delivery methods, launched advertising. Create your own strategy and time management. This is a unique experience that can be used to promote a business:

  • speak at a professional conference;
  • conduct a master class for students of the local university or start-up entrepreneurs;
  • participate in the business webinar as a guest expert;

The knowledge you want to share should be useful to the audience. If you can not understand who you want to speak and what to tell, hold this idea.

13. [3]Sponsor Local Teams

Another great option for hyperlocal businesses.

Get out into your community and be a face, people know. Sponsor the local little league team if parents are your target market.

Things like that get you seen in the market and keeps you top of mind.

There is a cost to this type of marketing, but if the cost of it not only helps out the local community but brings you in front of local potential clients, it can be well worth the expense.

14. Create a referral program

Do you work one on one with clients?

Service-based businesses can benefit from creating a referral program. This entices current clients to share the idea of working with you with their friends.

Most people won’t think to share you with friends, but if you add a bonus for them, they will. The bonus gives them an incentive to keep you top of mind.

When I was a wedding photographer, I would offer a free portrait session to clients who referred a wedding to me and the wedding booked.

The client would sing my praises. I would get new business (and weddings were a high ticket item).

The current client would feel taken care of because they got a free session out of the deal, and I would get a new high-ticket client, which made the ROI very good.


Doing things the old fashion way is much slower and may be more expensive than digital marketing. However, they also will give you a keen understanding of the effectiveness of marketing. All of the above ideas will assist you in moving your business forward.

Should you need assistance in developing a marketing strategy for your business, please do not hesitate to call RapidPage today.

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