Is Content Still King?

The internet survives on content, text, pictures, and videos. Material needs to be fresh, updated every day. New content is the reason for search engines, like Google, and without it, they would be irrelevant.

Before the arrival of the internet, libraries curated information, and the librarians where the equivalent to Google Search Engines

Libraries and The Internet

Could you ever imagine going to the library and always seeing the same books, nothing new, exciting? Consider the internet, a mobile library, or a repository of information curated by the search engines. 

Do you remember if you are my age when a book release was a big deal? It was a big deal because it was something new, something fresh. The media and book stores and libraries could advertise, market, and generate interest to their patrons to generate interest!

What is Essential?

Just like back then, new was necessary and essential to the search engines. If your topic is relevant to today’s events, it may get pushed to the search engines’ top for some time.

Writing Content Points

  • Do not write content just for the sake of content.
  • Do not write for search engines.
  • Write from a position of authority.
  • Do not steal an article and respin it.
  • Make your material relevant to your business you are promoting.
  • Try not to sell, convince instead.


Content is still king! Write to the people that will be reading your article. Stay on the subject and stay relevant to the business that you are promoting. And keep writing as often as possible. Remember, fresh content is what search engines want, and it is also what your reader desires too.

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Written by Nicholas Hughes