Will Interactive Content Will Become Mainstream?


We have compiled these articles to answer the question – Will Interactive Content Become Mainstream? – The short answer is yes.

[1]What is interactive content?

Interactive content is anything that people can click on, swipe, or interact with online. Quizzes, polls, 360-degree videos, and scrollable graphics all count as interactive content.

Perhaps you have created interactive content yourself.

Think about it — the moment you launch a little poll on Twitter, you ask for user participation and create interactive content.

In a world with content shock and banner blindness, you have to push your content (and brand) further, and classic ads won’t cut it anymore.

According to a 2014 Goo Online Advertising Survey, 73% of Americans ignore online banner ads, followed by social media ads, discounted by 62%.

Contrast that with content like the BuzzFeed quizzes where 96 percent of users who start the sponsor quizzes finish them.

On top of that, they tend to go viral through their built-in share-ability. For example, some of the most popular quizzes, such as “What City Should You Live In?” have been viewed up to 18 million times.

How to use interactive content

Whether you want to grab attention and retain it, educate your users, convey a specific brand message, or collect leads, interactive content has a variety of popular uses.

Entertainment and lifestyle brands use this technique to entertain and raise brand awareness. The main goal, e.g., BuzzFeed’s case, was to increase the pageviews for ad revenue.

Publicly-funded institutions like the BBC use it to educate their audience. They launched an AI-related search box, backed up by research from Oxford University. The question read:

Will a robot take your job?

After filling out your profession in the box below the question, you could check your job’s risk of automation.

It’s a simple hook that appealed to millions of people. After all, which adult doesn’t fear (to some extent) getting replaced by a robot or algorithm?

The BBC provided tons of additional links and AI-related content below the search box, turning the site into an evergreen content hub.

In 2018, the Pew Research Center created a 10-question quiz asking the user whether they could distinguish between factual and opinion statements.

The goal was to educate the user about fake news. While researching this article, I took the test myself, got 3 out of 5 factual statements proper, and 5 out of 5 opinion statements.

But it’s not just quizzing that functions as interactive content. For example, before the mega-blockbuster Infinity War launched, CNN created a massive interactive timeline of all prior Marvel movies.

[2]Reasons For Interactive Content Will Become Mainstream

Engaging Consumers

From a consumer perspective, the audience feels more involved with the brand. For example, you will see brands taking opinions via polls on social media platforms, often on their new product launches, feedback on their products and services, and even crowdsourcing ideas. All this gives the consumer a sense of importance whenever they interact with branded content.

Increasing Social Media Sharing

Interactive content can help you get more followers and create brand awareness. It has the power to convert passive audiences into customers. If the interactive content is relevant and relatable, then users will share in their network, thus making users a part of your brand, advocates of your brand. When you get the correct type of engagement, you’ll be able to achieve your business goals.

Building Advocates

And in case if it didn’t cross your mind, what this ultimately does is builds customer loyalty, and building loyalty in today’s time isn’t easy! But by using interactive content and giving consumers a good brand experience, brands are creating more loyal customers.

Improving SEO and Web Metrics

Usage of Interactive Content also plays a significant role in improving brand visibility across the web – search engine rankings, driving relevant traffic to your website, reduction in bounce rate, which ultimately results in more quality time being spent on the website.

An overall increase in Revenue

Through Interactive Content, brands can create value for customers and understand them better. As a result, you will see more traffic coming in, and brands can get more relevant leads. As an overall result, you will see an increase in Revenue.

The Real Content King – Interactive Content

Profoundly good content will always remain an essential part of any marketers’ strategy, and Interactive content is the next in line in the evolution of content marketing. It makes people work with brands and their content actively. People put in information and interact with different elements. As a result, they get personalized information that genuinely helps them.

Thus, it is no surprise that increased inclusion of Interactive Content will become mainstream in the coming time and need to be adopted by brands.

[3]How can you lead the market with Interactive content in the coming years?

1. Give information in an engaging way

By effectively utilizing interactive content, you can provide relevant content to the users. Moreover, you can also try experimenting by breaking the extensive range into small content. This will act as fun for a user to understand.

According to the studies, if a user can successfully interact with the content. Then they usually click on it so that they can read more about it. Thus, interactive content makes it possible to personalize your content based on the users’ interests.

Ultimately, conducting quizzes and surveys will help you personalize the content and recommendation based on the user’s choice. This allows the business to improve its services. Also, it lets them know what their customers want from them?

This indicates the fact business can co-create with users using interactive content. Similarly, having questionnaires’ and quizzes also builds trust on the customer side as they get assurance that the brand is listening to them and is answering their questions.

2. Build a better user experience

Conducting quizzes, surveys and assessments will help you to understand your customers better. Using this, you can know what problems they are facing. Besides, what all they want from us. Eventually, you will also get to know how to solve their problems effectively. Furthermore, by using interactive content, you can also build a prospect profile. Having a top-quality prospect profile will help you in increasing your business at a higher rate.

In business, you must develop the trust of your clients. If you somehow manage to do that, then ultimately, soon your company will also see a positive graph.

3. Social media sharing: Interactive Content

Using interactive content on social media can effectively help you in gaining customers exponentially. Also, users love to share fun and interactive content on social media.

That’s why posting interactive content on social media can help you in gaining more followers. Also, it will help you to increase your brand awareness. If you can perform correct engagement, then you can convert those users into your regular customers also.

For decades it has been proved that social media is a great platform to grow your business. Posting questions and surveys in between your regular posts help you to interact with your followers. In addition, conducting giveaways, on the other side will help you in reaching a larger audience.

By this, you will get lots of shares and responses. Also, the small budgeted website owners or businesses can afford the giveaway contest. As they are cheaper and hence are affordable according to their budget.

4. Try to improve search engine optimization

Having a better SEO ranking depends on two factors: a better user interface and usability. Providing a better user experience plays a massive role in increasing your SEO ranking. If you are using interactive content, then it surely helps in improving the user experience.

Delivering interactive content to the users lets them spend more time on your site. Ultimately, this also increases the chances of your site getting shared between several individuals. You should also try to make your interactive content mobile-friendly as your site needs to be mobile-friendly if the content you have displayed on your website is not mobile-friendly.

Then, unfortunately, it will decrease your SEO ranking. The decrease in SEO ranking will result in positioning your site other than top searches. This will ultimately lead to a reduction in the number of viewers on the site.

Also, providing interactive content helps the users to gain trust over your site. Eventually, it also helps them to stay longer on your website. Because it is scientifically proven that if a person can develop confidence, he starts giving that thing more time. But remember that trust should not be broken at any cost.

5. Increasing your brand loyalty

Nowadays, most people are surfing the internet to find relevant information. This means that the news should not be fake. However, suppose they land on a fake page or the page that doesn’t have relevant information. Then it could result in an increased level of frustration. Therefore, having interactive content can be a plus point as it helps your user gain information by spending less time.

You can present your viewers with information in small chunks. Further, you can also use your site to provide them with personalized content. If the users find that information interesting, then they will surely visit you. Moreover, if the content is represented into smaller and interactive chunks, it will also help increase the chances of customers visiting again.

Remember that somehow you have to bring the customer to your page. But that doesn’t mean that you are taking the help of the wrong paths. Because if they found out this, then they won’t return on your page ever.


There is a lot to consider when contemplating interactive marketing. The above articles are compiled to assist you when you build your interactive marketing campaign.

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