Infographics Design


For, the art of infographics design is storytelling. This storytelling is with graphics, data, and text. It must also “sell” an idea quickly and effectively, there is far too much distraction, and an infographic must keep the viewer’s attention and get them to “Act.”

An infographic is an essential component of your website design and your overall marketing plan. Other uses for infographics are social media campaigns, print, and digital advertising, and remember to display your beautifully designed logo on every infographic! Infographic Design Essentials

Easy layout

An Infographic must be active in its representation of the idea, the text must be bold, the colors appropriate and not washed out, and the message must be distinct. The layout must have the essential aspect of the graphics at the top left and subsequent importance of items from left to right and top to bottom. 


Use a large, easy-to-read font, avoid script font at all costs, and keep the titles larger than the body of the text and keep the shape of the book justified. Use contrast wherever you can to distinguish, clarify, and accent your thoughts.


Space is your friend, so do not unnecessarily crowd the graphics. Do not overuse the area; do not jam in more information than you need. Keep your infographics simple, to the point, and easy to read.

Call to Action

Do not start your graphic without the sole purpose of bringing about an action by the reader. – (Call now, Buy Now, Sign-up, Get your Free)