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As they say, there is no better time than now! Have you been delaying the necessity of digital marketing? Do you find digital marketing confusing? Are you looking for alternatives to traditional marketing? Are you trying to reach new prospects? We have compiled these articles to show you the benefits of digital marketing and how it can positively impact your bottom line.

Can digital marketing increase sales?

[1]Digital marketing is one of the most popular ways for businesses to try to increase sales. In fact, spending on digital marketing is projected to increase by anywhere from 12-15 percent.

What’s surprising about this number is that, according to recent research, many businesses have a hard time measuring the results of their digital marketing campaigns. For example, a third of marketers don’t know which digital marketing efforts have the best revenue impact, and some businesses don’t even track metrics that give this information.

To make sure you’re spending your digital marketing budget in a way that’ll help you increase sales, here are the top digital marketing KPIs you should be tracking and information on how they help inform your strategy.

What is KPI marketing?

Digital marketing KPIs are one of the most important parts of tracking your marketing efforts. KPIs are key performance indicators and represent essential metrics to keep track of, especially when it comes to inbound marketing.

Using inbound marketing strategies, like growing long-term customer relationships through content that’s subtle, informative, and effective, determining the ROI depends, in part, on analyzing your digital marketing KPIs.

Tracking your marketing ROI is one of the most effective ways to make future improvements to your campaigns. The more you learn from your KPI, the more potential you have to optimize your content, as well as customer retention.

What are the most important KPIs to watch?

Customer retention happens to be one of the single most important digital marketing KPIs and customer satisfaction, which goes hand in hand with customer retention. The more satisfied your customers are, the more customers you’ll retain.

On the flip side, employee retention is just as important as customer retention. High turnover is costly and indicates turmoil and potential weakness in an organization. On the other hand, the higher retention you have, the more successful your brand will be in terms of both customers and employees. That makes these two metrics some of the most important KPIs to watch.

In considering employee retention, one of the factors you’ll need to examine is your company’s employee productivity. In this case, employee productivity means the company’s resources to make employees more productive.

Companies need to furnish employees with the tools and resources that they need to be successful in the organization. Firms that ignore this step and don’t take the time to outfit staff with the appropriate resources run the risk of suffering from much lower employee retention rates and high turnover. The high turnover will be expensive and, ultimately, the cost will fall upon the customer, making it essential for you to pay attention to the needs of staff just as much as those of customers.

When analyzing your digital marketing KPIs, it’s important to pay attention to the little things—every metric makes a difference. Even the seemingly most simple and minuscule KPI metrics, such as open rates, all add up to something big.

The key is to keep these metrics in check before they can ever get out of control in the first place. It would help if you also continuously studied current email marketing tips to manage KPIs effectively.

[2]Top 5 digital marketing trends to increase your sales

Now that you have the answer to “Can digital marketing grow sales in 2020?” it’s time to look at what strategies you can use to increase sales.

Check out these seven marketing trends for 2020 that will help increase your sales:

1. Personalization

Personalization was a core component of growing sales in 2020. Your audience connects with multiple companies, including some of your competitors, so you must stand out from the crowd. Personalization can help your target customer notice your business over your competition.

With personalization, you customize your marketing efforts to your audience. This tactic allows you to deliver a tailored experience for different audience members, which makes them more likely to engage with your business.

You can personalize your audience’s experience by:

  • Using their name in email subject lines
  • Tailoring information to their location
  • Creating content tailored to their interests
  • Sending personalized content via email
  • And more

Use personalization to help your audience feel valued and like you care about (and understand) their unique interests. In addition, personalization will help you engage your audience and get them to check out your products or services, which will lead to more conversions.

This tactic is one of the top digital marketing trends for 2020, so use it to increase your sales!

2. Paid advertising

The future of digital marketing includes paid advertising too. If you want to use digital marketing to grow sales in 2020, you need to invest in paid advertising programs like Google Ads or Facebook advertising. Paid ads allow you to reach the most interested leads, which helps increase your sales.

You’ll want to focus on two types of paid advertising for your strategy:

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads appear at the top of search results above the organic listings.

Searchers will see these ads when they search for something directly related to your ads.

With PPC ads, you reach your audience by bidding on relevant keywords so your ad can appear in related search results. Focus on long-tail keywords, which contain three or more words, to reach relevant audiences.

Long-tail keywords work best for PPC campaigns because they target specific audiences, which means you’ll drive better leads with your ad content.

After finding your keywords, set a maximum bid, which is the amount you’re willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad. When you bid on long-tail keywords, there’s less competition, which means fewer companies bid against you for the same keywords.

This bidding structure means you can reach more leads and make more sales.

PPC ads are great for driving sales for your business.

When you consider that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to convert than organic visitors, you can’t miss out on a strategy that will help you grow sales in 2020.

Take PaulB Parts, for example. PaulB Parts, an agricultural and industrial parts manufacturer, used PPC to grow their business. After investing in PPC services, they saw a 75% year-over-year (YOY) conversion rate increase and a 150% YOY return on investment (ROI) increase.

Social media ads

In addition to search ads, you can also use social media ads to grow sales in 2020. Social media ads appear in users’ newsfeeds, which puts your business right in front of interested audiences.

With social media ads, you can advertise on multiple networks, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Social media ads are great for driving sales because you can target leads more precisely, which allows you to reach leads more likely to convert. From demographics to buying habits, you have multiple options you can use to reach the right people.

If you run social media ads, you can get visual with your ads, too. It creates an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your product or services to your audience, giving them insight into using your company’s offerings.

Since 74% of people use social media when purchasing a decision, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to reach people where they’re likely to look when purchasing a product or service.

3. Chatbots

You know digital marketing can grow sales in 2020, but how? With chatbots, of course!

Chatbots play a critical role in helping you communicate with customers and provide customer service. Your team isn’t always available to answer questions, but chatbots are almost always available for people to use.

With chatbots, you provide customer service for your audience in real-time. They don’t have to wait to connect with someone to get answers. It’s a simple and easy way for users to contact your business with questions.

Some people may have simple questions, that once answered, can turn those people into customers. Using chatbots, you can answer those questions quickly for your audience and get them on their way to purchasing your products or service.

4. Instagram shoppable posts

Shoppable posts are one of the most valuable marketing trends of 2020.

Shoppable posts let you post pictures of your product on your page. Then, you can tag individual elements in your post with a link to the product page.

So, when people view this content, they’ll see a little white dot over different products in the photo. When they click on this dot, they’ll see a small callout box that details the product’s name and how much it costs.

These shoppable posts are great for helping you earn more sales. If people like something they see in your photos, they can easily find it on your website without having to search. It also provides them with the price, so they don’t have to wonder how much it costs.

Digital marketing can grow sales in 2020 if you use Instagram shoppable posts to encourage more people to buy your products.

5. User-generated content

One of the top digital marketing trends for 2020 is user-generated content. User-generated content is valuable because it can help you earn more sales since it serves as an endorsement of your products or services.

Ninety-two percent of users trust recommendations from others over a brand. This is because people turn to others and their experiences to help them determine if they should choose your business.

Many people will look at reviews, but user-generated content can have just as big of an impact.

With user-generated content, you share posts from other people talking about your product or service. It can also include content that talks about your brand in general. Always be sure to ask for permission before you share or reshare posts from your audience!

[3]The Impact of Digital Marketing on Business Growth

Digital marketing has forever changed the way companies operate and communicate with their customers.

The use of digital marketing strategies has also directly impacted profit margins and the ability of a business to grow. Without incorporating this advertising style into a broader messaging campaign, a brand severely limits its ability to be successful. A business that doesn’t embrace digital marketing strategies also limits the growth opportunities for its business.

Let’s look at the impact of digital marketing on business growth:

  1. Find customers that you would have never encountered otherwise via SEO
  2. Understand what channels drive sales for your company
  3. Communicate your message and better connect you with both current and prospective customers
  4. Establish a presence online
  5. Personalize your brand and control the messaging
  6. Provide tools that better allow you to target your core customers
  7. Provide value to your customers and showcase content that matters to them


There are many digital marketing opportunities. First, try one that suits your budget and give it a try. Then, keep tweaking your digital marketing campaign until you get the results that you are looking for. Should you need assistance in creating a successful marketing campaign, call today.

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