Hiring Workers Who Can Help You
Achieve Your Sales and Marketing Goals


We are very pleased to have another wonderful guest post by our friend Gloria Martinez.

Hiring Workers Who Can Help You Achieve Your Sales and Marketing Goals

If you’re going to achieve your sales and marketing goals, you need a strong team by your side. Here’s a look at how to identify and hire the right professionals for your business, presented below by RapidPage.

Understanding How Sales and Marketing Pros Help You Succeed

Once you have your business up and running, which includes developing a business plan, selecting a good business name, and filing documents of incorporation (this can provide you with tax advantages and liability protection), you can begin thinking about hiring people to help you run your operation. First, it’s critical to understand how smart hiring impacts your small business. When you have the right sales and marketing professionals on your team, you get access to subject-matter experts that focus on customer engagement. Additionally, they understand how to connect with your target audience and enticingly position your product.

When it comes time to make your product or services known to prospective customers, sales and marketing professionals also understand how to put your offerings in the best light. Along with designing attractive campaigns, they’ll be adept at answering customer questions, addressing concerns, and highlighting differentiators, increasing the odds of conversion.

How to Identify High-Quality Sales and Marketing Professionals

Finding top-notch sales and marketing professionals isn’t something that’ll happen by accident. Instead, you need to actively seek out the right capabilities and experience.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to focus on sales and marketing candidates with the following skills:

A track record of beating sales and marketing goals is also worth seeking out, as well as a growth mindset. A willingness to learn can be surprisingly important as well, particularly if your product or service is highly innovative or comes with a bit of a learning curve.

Choosing Between Full-Time Hires, Freelancers, and Off-the-Shelf Service Providers

When it’s time to hire, you have a few approaches available. First, you can bring on new sales and marketing professionals as full-time team members. That can be a smart move if you need expertise long-term, but it can be the more expensive approach overall.

Going with a freelancer could be an intelligent move if you have short-term needs or want more flexibility. You’ll get the expertise you require, but only for as long as you need it. However, you can’t be sure that the same professional will always be available, which can be a drawback.

Finally, you can go with an off-the-shelf service provider. With this option, you’ll usually pay less than you would for a full-time staff but more than a freelancer would cost. Typically, you’ll get comprehensive support in a specific niche. For example, you can team up with a content marketing provider to handle blogs or social media posts. Similarly, you could turn to a lead generation service to connect with qualified potential customers or marketing analytics providers to help you make more data-driven decisions.

If you want to have more time to focus on hiring as you build your small business, turning to an LLC formation service could be a smart move. With an LLC, you’ll reduce your liability while maintaining flexibility. Plus, you might get some tax advantages, all while having less paperwork.

Locating the Right Kind of Talent Based on Your Needs

Once you know what kind of sales and marketing professionals you’re after, it’s time to start hiring. Usually, the easiest way to begin is with your career page and traditional job boards. After that, advertising on social media can be a smart move.

If you’re specifically looking for freelancers, turning to sites like Guru and Upwork could be a wise move. For service providers, online searches are usually your best starting point.

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By Gloria Martinez of WomenLed.org.