Five Google Ranking Tools and
Services You Need for Your Business

Website traffic is vital for business success because website traffic is a primary source of potential new customers. Your business website must leverage all available Google website optimization tools and services to increase your website search results. I have compiled a list of these essential Google website optimization services. Let’s explore each of them and how they can positively affect search results.

Google My Business

If you are looking to improve your business website’s Google search ranking, you should first use this Google service. Google My Business is a Google Business directory where businesses list their products, services, and locations. This service is tied into Google Maps, Google Shopping, and Google Reviews, improving your Google search results. 

Just sign in to Google My Business, create an account, and now you have access to a wide range of tools. If you take the time and optimize Google My Business, you will start to see immediate results.

Search Console

Google Search Console is a great search engine optimization tool, especially for small businesses. The search console service allows you to evaluate your business website’s index status and effectively optimize it. Unlike Google analytics, this Google service specializes in providing information about your website’s traffic.

It is a simple process. Login to Google Search Console, then validate your website. Put int all versions of your website and then submit a sitemap. A site map is a text file that Google can read, that lists all of your webpages, videos, files, and other content within your business site. 

After this step, Google will begin a journey of understanding your site better. This tool will tell you your traffic and tell you the keywords used to find your website. It also identifies errors that affect your ranking and sends you regular reports on how to improve your website ranking.

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a product listing tool. It will display your product information within the Google shopping search results. It is a powerful eCommerce tool, and you should seriously consider using it!  Google Merchant Center links with other Google services such as Google My Business.

Page Speed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a Google tool to determine your website page loading speed. Many people often overlook page speed, but as a business, you should know that this is one of the factors to improve your conversion rates. Users hate slow-loading pages and will spend less time on slow-loading pages.

To check your webpages’ speed, copy the URL of your website’s homepage, copy it on Page SpeedInsights, and then click the analyze button. Google will evaluate your page speed and provide a report with recommendations on how to improve it.

Custom Search

Google Custom Search is a tool that allows people to search on a particular topic or page on your website. The good thing with adding a custom search bar on your website is that you can tailor the results to match your business needs.

The Bottom Line

These Google website tools are available for businesses to ensure their website is optimized, search-friendly, loads fast and its products and services are ready for web sales. Unless you want to remain stuck at your current level, you should take advantage of these Google optimization tools. 

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Written by Nicholas Hughes