Facebook Marketing For Dental Clinics

Facebook ads for dentists are a great way to reach patients, look for a dentist, and drive them to your practice.

Facebook is the new word-of-mouth, and Facebook ads allow you to grow your dental practice online. With dental Facebook ads, you can target your audiences with pinpoint precision and boost your conversion rate to new heights.

The Metrics of Success (As per our research)

Because they are so versatile, Facebook ads are most successful if you clearly define what you want your ad to achieve.

Let’s start with a few bigger picture goals. Whether are boosting a post or creating a multi-ad campaign, Facebook ads can:

  • Drive patients to your dental practice’s website
  • Increase awareness of your practice’s brand
  • Fill scheduling holes created by last-minute cancellations.
  • Promote a new service or procedure
  • Boost visibility and engagement for organic posts
  • Increase your Facebook following
  • Highlight patient testimonials

Best Dental Facebook ads examples and tips

Here are ten dental Facebook ads examples and tips that you can consider when you’re running Facebook ads for dentists:

Talk directly to your clients

Here is an example of a template:

“Hello, Bosh team! Do you have trouble finding an ideal dental service in New York City? Well, why don’t you visit our amazing dental office? We accept most insurances and are ready in case you have an emergency.”

Create a transformation video (before and after)

Remember that unlike photos, video content takes a bit more time to create, especially when we’re talking about transformation videos.

Still, their conversion rate is off the chart:

“Do you have confidence issues because of your teeth? Grab a tissue and watch how we managed to help this girl! There is nothing better than helping a person in need, and it is something we do every day.”

Add a gift card or a free product.

Free products are especially vital in the dental industry as you need to create a connection to your clients:

“A $30 gift card for dental services can be yours today! All you need to do is recommend a friend to our dental office, and we will take it from there. Make sure to leave your info on our site, and we will not disappoint you.”

Focus on holidays

As we’ve shown in the previous example, you always have to focus on holidays. During holidays, most people will have extra time to visit their dentists and address other medical issues.

“Enter New Year with a fresh ravishing smile! Visit our dental practice today! If you are a first-time visitor, we will offer you a $100 discount for most dental procedures. In the spirit of the New Year, we also gift all visitors a present!”

Help the community

Dental offices rely heavily on the local community. To leave your mark, create promotions emphasizing your impact on the neighborhood. Ideally, you can post images of the local kids or elderly. You can rally during a local emergency and provide support.

“Tim has lost his job in the local factory and with it, his medical benefits. But we never turn our backs on our own! With a little help from our dental office, Tim has fresh new teeth and a smile which will help him get a new job.”

Localization can do wonders.

Localization is one of the main reasons why you should give Facebook ads a try. It can bring you highly qualified dental leads while saving money. More importantly, it allows you to build the brand in your neighborhood:

“You can look like an A-Lister today! We will make sure you get the smile you deserve! Visit our dental office in Los Angeles or Sacramento.”

Show some personality

A lot of patients have dental anxiety. This is normal for all medical procedures. Trust is a significant factor when it comes to choosing a dental service provider. You have to be relatable so that people will give you a chance:

“Meet our Fresno team: Alice, Susan, Dr. Williams, and Angela. Don’t be shy as we love meeting new people! Just give us a call and book your appointment today.”

Show some proof

As mentioned in the previous tip, gaining someone’s trust can be a rocky road. Besides word-of-mouth and personality, you can showcase testimonials, photos with famous patients, or publications in prestigious professional magazines.

Keep in mind that it has to be relevant to your local patient:

“We had the honor of helping LeBron James fix his aching tooth. Go Lakers! Thanks for trusting our company; we will make sure you always have a million-dollar smile.”

Importance of family

By showing family values, you can create a bond with your potential clients:

“Since 1990, our family company has invested all its heart in preserving family values and health. We hope that our service will be as valuable as it has been during the previous 3 decades going into the next decade. We accept most dental insurances.”

Use humor to your advantage.

We came to the last among our dental Facebook ads examples. It’s not last in its importance, though!

However, if you do it properly, this method will bring a bigger benefit to your dental practice than most other approaches:

“At our dental clinic, everything is like in a wonderland! However, be careful not to fall on a slippery slope! All jokes aside, we provide excellent service to people in the wider Orlando area. Make sure to book your appointment today!”

Suitable Ad Graphics:

What are successful Dental Clinics doing on their Facebook?

In our research, we have found that these are the regular activities that the most successful dental clinics are doing on their Facebook pages.

  • Regular Blogs, Images, and Videos posting on Facebook
  • New Groups Joining and Sharing
  • Paid Campaign Management
  • Engaging Clients with Unique and Excited Content
  • Theme based Design Pattern
  • Attractive Caption

Paid campaigns can get quick attentions

Facebook offers several different ad types that you can choose from:

  1. Images: Image ads are ads that consist of a single photo. They’re perhaps the most common type of Facebook ad and are often used for Facebook ads for dental practices.
  2. Videos: Similar to image ads, video ads contain an engaging video that attracts audiences. Video ads are a great option for Facebook ads for dental offices because videos improve conversions by 86%.
  3. Stories: Story ads are full-screen vertical video ads. They can provide even more engagement with your dental Facebook ads than normal video ads since there’s nothing else to draw away your audience’s attention from your ad on the screen.
  4. Carousels: Carousel ads can showcase up to ten images or photos in one ad, which you can use to highlight your dental practice and dental services.
  5. Slideshow ads: Slideshow ads let you create short videos using a collection of images, text, or video clips. They’re easier to create than videos and are a great option for your dental Facebook ad if you want to provide a more engaging experience for your future patients.
  6. Instant Experiences: Originally called Facebook Canvas, Facebook Instant Experience ads are another full-screen format that lets you place a fast-loading landing page straight on the Facebook mobile platform that saves your dental audiences time on converting to your practice.
  7. Promoted posts: Promoted posts, also called boosted posts, allow you to promote an organic post on your dental practice’s Facebook page. Any post you publish on Facebook has an option to boost the post so that more people that follow you see your updates.

Guidelines to follow

Video guidelines

  • No longer than 60 seconds
  • 9:16 to 16:9 ratio
  • 4GB max
  • 125 characters of text max
  • 240 minutes max
  • Use the highest resolution possible.
  • Most file types are supported.

Image guidelines

  • Use images with little-to-no words.
    • An image that gives more than 20% of its real estate to words won’t be approved.
    • This image-text check tool can help you determine if the ad will pass the test.
  • 1.9:1 image ratio
  • 1200 x 628 pixels in size

Text guidelines

  • Write a headline to grab the attention
  • Provide text to clearly and concisely state what you are promoting (90 characters or less)
  • Add a call-to-action button like “Read more” or “Book now.”
  • Use the newsfeed link description to instruct people where the ad will take them clearly.


Obviously, there are many different approaches to creating Facebook ads for dental clinics, precisely why you need an experienced dental marketing agency to help you out.

Social media is the future, and Facebook, in particular, can bring a lot of qualified dental leads.

Unlike some other marketing approaches, Facebook ads can yield instant results. This is especially important for practices that want to expand and bring new clients. Furthermore, once you’re done, all you need to do is turn them off, and there will be no problem.

Even if you mess something up, keep in mind that there won’t be a major backlash with some other advertising types. That being said, Facebook ads also limit the potential negative impact.

If you need assistance in marketing your dental clinic, call RapidPage.ca today.

Written by RapidPage.ca