Email Marketing Tips and Tricks – Part 2 – 2021

More Email Marketing Tips – 2021

We all need a break in our marketing efforts, nothing is easy or fast, and email marketing, you need any techniques that will land in your client’s inbox as fast and securely as possible. Once it’s arrived, you need the best chance for the email to be opened and read. Here are some ideas to help you with that goal.

[1]Email marketing was and will continue to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. After all, it doesn’t cost much to send bulk emails, and even if only a small percentage of people interact with it, it is still cost-effective.

But, email marketing can get you much better results if you know how to do it right.

This post will learn seven of the most effective tips to create your 2021 email marketing strategy. These email marketing tips can help you run winning email marketing campaigns and get you much better results from your campaigns.

Ready to learn more about these email marketing strategies?

Here you go.

1. Create Killer Subject Lines

The first rule for running a successful email campaign is to write attention-grabbing subject lines. Subject lines have been and will continue to be the most important aspect of your email marketing strategy.

Most people decide whether they want to open an email or not based solely on the subject lines. So, if your subject lines generate enough interest in your readers, then their chances of opening your emails are higher.

So, how can you create killer subject lines that get high open rates?

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Make sure it conveys exactly what the email is about
  • Use humour in your subject lines to make them stand out
  • Make it controversial or shocking to generate curiosity
  • Personalize it to make it seem more important
  • Use questions to generate interest and get more opens

Use these tips and create subject lines that get you higher email open rates.

2. Personalize Your Emails

Email personalization is right at the top of the list when we talk about email marketing tips and strategies for 2021. And, with the advancements in AI technology, it is more than possible to achieve mass email personalization at scale.

So, how can you personalize your emails?

Well, there are different types or levels of email personalization that you can opt for.

The first and most common way to personalize emails is to add the receiver’s name in each email, even when sending bulk emails. Most popular email marketing tools provide email templates and are also capable of basic personalization, like adding receiver names.

So, use a good email template and choose the option to add receiver names to all your emails automatically.

The next level of personalization comes from sending different emails to different subscribers based on where they are in your sales funnel. Again, AI is beneficial for this as it can help you set triggers to send automated emails.

So, as soon as someone subscribes to your newsletter, they get a welcome email. Or when someone leaves items in their cart, they get an abandoned cart email with a special discount. The possibilities are endless!

3. Keep it Short and Visual

Do you go through lengthy emails in your inbox and read them word by word?

No, right?

Well, no one does. Even with the most important emails, people tend to skim if it is too text-heavy and wordy.

So, if you want your subscribers actually to read your emails, then make them as easy to read as possible. One good way to do that is to use more visuals than text in your emails.

And, if you do have to use text-based emails, then keep them short and well-structured. For example, use bullet points or short sentences and avoid long paragraphs.

Basically, when creating an email, think about whether you would read it if it were in your inbox.

4. [2]Use the Double Open Strategy

The first step to getting more conversions is getting more people to open your emails. You can do this by using the “double opens strategy.” In simple terms, you’ll resend the same email message to people who didn’t open it the first time, but with a different subject line.

Sometimes people are just busy and will pass by your initial message. But, you can increase your chances of the email getting opened in the second pass if you make the following changes:

  • Use a different subject line and preheader
  • Change your send time
  • Wait 3-5 days before resending your message

5. Pay Attention to Your Preheader

Of course, your subject line is vital. But don’t forget about your preheader. This is the preview text that a recipient can view before deciding whether or not to open your email. Using this space effectively, you can increase your open rate and engagement numbers significantly.

Most email clients give the reader anywhere from 35 to 140 characters of preview text. Knowing this, you can carefully craft a message that will maximize the chances of a click.

6. Make CTA Buttons Contextual

You probably put a lot of time and effort into creating a catchy subject line and preheader and then writing engaging email copy. But don’t forget about the importance of your CTAs. If readers don’t take action after reading your email, what was the point?

Instead of using a generic CTA like “buy now” or “click here,” try something more creative and descriptive. For example, a CTA with a sense of urgency, such as “Shop 24-Hour Sale,” will likely get more clicks.

7. Write for the Web

Too many digital marketers overcomplicate email messages. Writing copy for emails is similar to writing for the web. It should be conversational, engaging, and organized. Put, your email message should:

  • Have short paragraphs (plenty of white space)
  • Follow a logical structure
  • Use images whenever appropriate
  • Employ bullets and subheadings to make emails scannable

Structure aside, write with your audience in mind. What are their pain points, and how can you help?

8. Don’t Be Spammy

There’s a common misconception that email marketing is sales and gimmicky. If you’re going to be effective, it shouldn’t be.

Avoid using multiple exclamation points and all caps in your subject line or the body of the email. Not only is this a turnoff for readers, but spam filters will pick this up and flag your message. Enough of these flags, and your account is likely to get blocked.


Keep trying, don’t stop. After each email is sent, check its effectiveness, revise and send another one at your scheduled interval. You can only learn by doing!

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