Email Marketing – Building Your Email List

For effective email marketing, you will need to have a method of building your email list. Typically this is where you may reach out to online marketing guru’s and purchase systems, don’t. I have tried them all, and in my opinion, they are a waste of money.

Email Building is like anything successful in life. It takes a strategy, commitment, and follow through!

Here are some simple ideas for list building.

  • When you meet new clients, get their business cards, ask permission, and enter their emails into your email marketing database.
  • On your website, set up an online form where you may collect emails, typical online email capture forms include – Inquiry, Brochure Download, Answer Questions, and many others may be setup.
  • Subscribe to blog, get readers to subscribe to your latest blog article so that they do not miss your next publication.


If possible, try to segment your emails into essential metrics:

  • Demographics
  • Geographics
  • Product/Service types

By doing this, your analysis will become more evident.

Now, what do you do with these emails?

Now that you are diligently collecting emails, you need to turn them into prospective buyers, here are some things to do first.

  • Get an autoresponder email client and link it to your website.
  • Create an autoresponder for each email collected.
  • Create an email flow so that you get back to these new inquiries promptly.
  • Put these new emails into your monthly newsletter/sales emails.
  • Make sure that your email system has a way of unsubscribing, and this will ensure that you meet all regulations.
  • Send monthly newsletters.


Setup Google email Tracking ID so that you can see the effectiveness of your email campaign.


It is best to wait a full 24 hours before monitoring your email campaign. Do not worry about unsubscribes. It is useful when people unsubscribe because those left are those interested in receiving your emails.


Analyze the effectiveness of each email:

  • Which article, withing the email, got the most clicks?
  • Which email had the best title?
  • Which email segment performed best?
  • Which day of the week is best for sending emails?
  • Which month of the year performed best?


Email marketing is beneficial; keep building your list with fresh new emails. After you have done that, send out emails regularly, ensure that you are tracking results, and finally analyze those results to build upon your previous success.

If you need help in email list building or email marketing, do not hesitate to call

Nicholas Hughes