Do You Have An FAQ Page? Why Not?

An FAQ page, Frequently Asked Questions, can be beneficial to your users, and it can answer questions before they become potential problems. Also, an FAQ page is an excellent marketing tool.

How To Get an FAQ Started

Please make a note of all of the business-related questions or issues that you may get asked, write them down, and now have the beginning of an FAQ. 

You can direct clients to your FAQ page to clarify – project deliverables – terms and conditions – warranty – privacy policy. 

The other important use of an FAQ is to explain acronyms, how something works, and where to get help.

Using FAQ as a Marketing Tool

An FAQ is a long list of questions with the answers to those questions. Why not use an FAQ page to answer questions where those answers could benefit you and your organization? 

For example:

Q: What is SMM?

A: SMM is “Social Media Marketing” it is the science and art of marketing your products and services to prospective clients through the use of social media platforms.  

Benefit: “Social Media Marketing” could be linked to a page on your website where you are selling that service.

Formatting the FAQ page

When creating an FAQ page, I like to use an accordion style. With an accordion-style when clicking the question, the answer opens up below the question. The benefit of the accordion-style is that you can have many FAQs on a single page. 

Where on your website should you place an FAQ link?

The optimal location for an FAQ page link is discretionary, but in my opinion, if not located on the main menu, it should be placed in the footer of your website.


An FAQ is a powerful tool for your website, and so is its usage. 

If you need any help in the development of an FAQ page, please call today.

Nicholas Hughes