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How Your Dental Clinic Can Benefit From Digital Marketing

If you take a survey of your waiting room, you’ll likely find that most of your patients are on their phones at least once while they’re sitting there.

Effective digital marketing reaches your customers where they are. It used to be that the most effective way to reach your customers in their home was to place an ad on television or get them on a radio spot in their car. Today, Google processes over 63,000 searches per second. That is 5.6 billion searches per day. It’s easy that at least some of those searches are for people in your local area searching for a dentist.

If you aren’t on the internet, you’re missing a huge opportunity to communicate with your clients in a space they expect you to reach them in. It is now an expectation that businesses will have an online presence, to where it confuses customers when you don’t.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics

  • Real-Time Results

When you run an advertisement on the radio, it’s hard to say how effective it’s really been. Maybe a few patients mention they heard the radio play and you just hope that means it’s working.

When you run an ad on Facebook, you can see the number of clicks. The same thing is true when you send out a newsletter. You can see how many people visit your website and what pages they click and spend time on. Analytics will give you a detailed look at how much traffic is coming in through search engines versus social media. You can see how all of your marketing efforts track.

This means that when one thing is working, you can immediately raise your budget to take advantage. When something isn’t working, you can pivot and find something that will.

  • Internet Marketing is Less Expensive

Not only is your marketing budget more effective because you can spend on what works and cut on what doesn’t, it’s also less money than you’d spend on a billboard, television advertisement, or radio play.

  • Customers Pay More Attention To Their Inbox Than Their Mailbox

Your clients prefer email reminders to almost anything else. Paper mail for advertisements has lost its appeal and many throw it out without a glance. Receiving emails is convenient. Today, it is where customers prefer contact.

  • You Can Target Your Audience

When you run traditional advertisements, you are blank advertising. You are targeting everyone you can to get as much attention from anywhere as possible.

Targeted marketing is where things become more effective. With social media ads, you can show your dental clinic to people who live in your area, between a certain age range, who’ve shown an interest in specific things. So, you could run an advertisement for dentures and target it to older customers, not wasting any money showing that ad to younger clients. Or you can target parents to tell them about braces for their children. Smart targeting makes your dental clinic marketing effective and cost efficient.

Types of Digital Marketing That Benefit Dental Clinics

There are many ways to approach digital marketing for dentists. There are a lot of great tools out there that, when properly utilized, can bring the right traffic to your business.

One of the first things to look at is your website. This is often the first real introduction to your clinic a patient has. You want to have good website design. This means it should look nice, but also that the navigation would flow intuitively so that patients can browse your services and that the pages load quickly and look just as great on mobile devices.

Your website also needs search engine optimization (SEO). With properly optimized pages, search engines like Google can clearly understand what your website is about and who wants to visit your pages. This brings in quality, targeted search engine traffic. SEO for dental websites will look at building quality content and creating a website that your patients will enjoy, and so will the search engines.

As briefly mentioned above, content matters. With quality content writing for your dental website, your patients will clearly understand your services and offerings. They’ll be able to get a feel for your staff and what kind of office you have. This will make them feel more secure about visiting the dentist.

Keeping in touch with patients makes them feel comfortable with your office. It also helps keep them as patients. Email marketing is the most effective way to keep in touch. You can tell your patients about happenings at the office, exciting dental news, and office policies. Staying in touch in this manner offers a level of personalization that makes patients feel more like they’re part of something by using your dental services over anyone else’s.

Google has a lot of traffic. Focusing on SEO for dental websites brings a lot of that in for free, but it’s not the only way to take advantage of the traffic on the world’s biggest search engine. Google Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising service that lets your customers find you through Google. These highly targeted ads show your services to the right people. They can also retarget users who’ve visited your site in the recent past to remind them about your services.

If people aren’t on Google, they’re on Facebook. Very adept users may have a device in each hand and be on both at the same time. If you want to reach your customers where they’re at, then social media marketing through Facebook and other popular social networks is essential for your dental clinic. It’s easy for patients to learn more about your services through posts and stories when they follow your pages. This is also an easy way to stay top of your patient’s mind. When they think of a local dentist, they’ll think of the one they follow on Instagram before they think of anyone else.

Dive Into Dental Clinic Marketing

With so many ways to reach your patients with digital marketing for dentists, it’s easy to see why this needs to be an essential part of how you bring in new business. If you’re not doing it, your competition will be.

Take advantage of the ways internet marketing has made it possible to target your advertising. Reach the right patients with the right services and expand your business with an online presence.



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