Logo And Stationery Design


The actual definition of “logo” is an abbreviation of the word logotype, from Greek: λόγος, translit. logos, lit. ‘word’ and Greek: τύπος, translit. typos, lit. ‘imprint’ is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition.*1

RapidPage.ca can design you a logo that is an abstract or includes the text of the name it represents, as in a wordmark. No matter what the approach, a logo created by RapidPage.ca will fully represent, and “sell” your product, image or brand. 

Your logo will be effective for digital and print media – website, social media, infographics, stationery, newspaper and magazines. And, being that your logo is the first thing that your prospective buyer sees it, will create a top of mind awareness too.

RapidPage.ca Logo Design Elements:


Straightforward or simple logos are effortlessly unmistakable. For example, you would never mistake Apple’s logo for some organic product, even while zooming past it on an advertising billboard at 70 miles an hour.


A memorable logo springs to mind at the simple notice of that organization’s name. Who doesn’t picture the superb brilliant Golden Arches of McDonald’s whenever they hear “French fries?”


Graphic designers, art directors, branding campaigns are expensive.  Most entrepreneurs would prefer reinvesting that money in different ways. Timeless logos keep going for long periods of time. Consider Coca-Cola’s, for all intents and purposes, equivalent to as it was in 1885. So the investment, in a profound logo, will payback many times over.


The best logos, similar to the Nike swoosh, are incredible in shading, gray scale, high contrast, in print or digital media. They function admirably at any size, regardless of printing on postcards, handouts, flyers, announcements, or digital displays.


The best logos “talk” to your target market, easily merging shading, textual style, and illustrations to pass on the quintessence of your brand. Like the Harley-Davidson logo, it channels the feeling of “cool.”

You want your logo to represent your business, regardless of whether your potential customers are looking at your brochures, surfing your site, or pulling your most recent postcard from their mailbox. If it is anything, it must be indispensable. However, don’t stop there. Make your logo paramount, ageless, flexible, and suitable too. When you merge every one of these five essential components, you make promoting your brand easy.

Don’t let your competition have the better and more recognizable logo than yours, don’t let them steal your Top Of Mind Awareness and beat you at internet marketing because they have a better logo!

*1 Logo – Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logotype