Seasonal Email Newsletter Templates to Surprise Your Subscribers

You probably already know about the many advantages that email marketing offers. Creating newsletters and sending email marketing campaigns has proved not only that the old-school tool, the email, is not out-of-style, but also that it’s incredibly efficient.

Why isn’t your company using it, then? Maybe you think it’s difficult to use, but let me tell you that, nowadays, nothing could be further from reality! We now have amazing mailing apps that make everything extremely easy, offering email newsletter templates and some kind of email-builders so you can create your own campaign even without knowing anything about design.

Maybe you think that you will annoy your clients with your newsletter, or you could be afraid to bore them. Well, in this article we want to show you some ways to surprise and engage them instead!

A regular newsletter is cool and, as we said, it’s very easy to create with modern mailing apps. However, it’s always nice to spice things up a little bit by sending something different and original to subscribers: seasonal email newsletter templates are a fantastic idea. You’re missing out on great conversion rates, customer engagement and many other benefits, so let’s get started!

Surprise your subscribers with these awesome email newsletter templates

  1. Birthday email newsletter templates

You’ve read right! Everybody loves to be wished a Happy Birthday on their special day. Not only this is a nice way to communicate with your clients, but it is also a great opportunity for you to offer them something just for them so they feel unique. end them a birthday card!

Special discounts are always a good idea, and we should make sure that these last at least a few weeks so the person has enough time to use it; if it lasts only a few days, he will probably be too busy celebrating his birthday and will let it expire!

2. Halloween email newsletter templates

You’re probably thinking “is this really necessary?”. Yes, it is, because it’s not that common that a company sends stuff for Halloween, so this is your opportunity to stand out!

It’s okay to just wish a very spooky Halloween to your subscribers, but if your business is in any way related to it, you should take profit and send a special offer or discount code! Clothing or home-decor stores, costume shops, of course, and even supermarkets, with a special offer on their pumpkins to nail Halloween decor!

We must also remember that quality content is even more attractive for subscribers than offers and discounts; if you own a bakery, make sure to send quick Halloween recipes to your clients, just because. They will love it.

3. Christmas email newsletter templates

This is the time to send a seasonal newsletter par excellence! It’s not as original as others in this list, but we can’t miss the opportunity of boosting our sales in the client’s favorite season to purchase goodies for their loved ones or even for themselves.

Discounts, “buy one get one free”, special sales only for premium clients… there are countless deals you can offer them. Not only online and physical stores can benefit from Christmas’ shopping spree; hotels and spas, beauty salons, travel agencies… almost any business can come up with an idea to take advantage of this holiday. If not, you can always just wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to your subscribers!

4. Valentine’s Day email newsletter templates

Flower shops, bakeries, and jewelry stores will make a killing during Valentine’s day if they choose a nice, romantic template and offer a great deal for the lovers.

Massage places, hotels, and spas, restaurants, amusement parks, cinemas… and not only the typical places can make a profit! Dance academies can offer some romantic dance lessons, restaurants can not only offer dinners but also cooking lessons, zoos and aquariums can offer special prices for couples, and craft stores can build an amazing DIY guide so lovers can surprise their partners!

5. Easter email newsletter templates

And here we have the last example, and it’s another one that you may not have expected: people do not usually buy more during Easter, don’t they?

However, we can do just like the template above does. People sometimes purchase things just because, and giving them a little push is a good idea. Free Easter egg with any purchase, “see what the bunny brought to our store” or Easter discounts just because. It’s an excuse, but it’s not a bad option while you wish your subscribers to enjoy their spring break!

6. More ideas for seasonal templates!

Holidays aren’t the only occasion to increase our sales; as we said in the beginning, surprising your subscribers in order to engage them is always nice, and nowadays mailing apps have email newsletter templates for almost everything you can think of!

Back to school is not really an event for everybody, but if your contact list includes people that could potentially have children, it’s a great opportunity! Clothes, furniture, school supplies stores of course and countless services can benefit from this time of the year, when parents try to save as much as possible and, thus, pay attention to every offer.

We can’t forget Black Friday or any sales in general! This is the perfect time for tech stores because people tend to wait until the sale season to buy more expensive things. However, every other business can put their offer out there, and people will most likely notice it because they are looking for the best deals!

Finally, if your company is going to organize an event, whether it is to celebrate a holiday or not, make sure to invite your subscribers! This is a great way to get to know them in person and is the ultimate way of customer engagement. It’s way more difficult to forget about an enterprise if you have personally met their employees and, especially, if you’ve had fun with them!

A dinner or even a brunch, cocktails or activities including games and giveaways have great results, and people like to attend; if they are offered to bring a friend, they probably will, and you will, maybe, have gained a new subscriber!

Now get started!

I hope we have given you enough examples on how to not annoy a definitely how to not bore your subscribers. With this seasonal templates, you will probably surprise them and, hopefully, increase your sales! Tell us in the comments if it worked… we’re sure it will!

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