Blast From The Past – Marketing Points & Tips

Here is a compilation of top recent marketing articles.

Marketing, Low-Cost Ideas

Marketing can be difficult and expensive; here, we share some low-cost marketing ideas. As discussed in a previous article, “Is Print Media Outmoded,” using business cards, door hangers, signs, and door magnets are good low-cost marketing ideas. 

In another article, “Networking, Do Not Neglect,” we…

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Social Media, Marketing Strategies & Tips

This article is a condensed version of our “Social Media Marketing, Secrets for the Local Business” book. Go here to download the free e-book.

Top Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

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Marketing, Being Consistent Matters!

Choosing a marketing method that works for you and your business is the first step to a successful marketing plan. The next, in my opinion, is being consistent.

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Networking, Do Not Neglect!

Here is something small business owners forget, networking. When working seven days a week, 10-12 hours per day is the norm for a small business, the thought of adding another task is unthinkable.

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Find Ways To Stay Connected!

Especially during this COVID-19 era, it is crucial to stay connected with your clients. It is a no brainer to stay connected with Facebook and other social media accounts. However, you may forget some of the other primary methods of communication.

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Written by Nicholas Hughes