Automating A Facebook Campaign

In the present scenario, if businesses have an impressive presence over social media and many followers, companies are considered trustworthy. The number of followers increases the brand’s trust, and people become curious to know more about them. If you have done your branding on social media correctly, your offline business’s marketing will be more effective and possibly less expensive. From local to global, everyone is available on social media. So using smart Social Media Marketing strategies is needed to gain users’ attraction and engagement. 

Creating an effective Facebook marketing campaign is time-consuming. Here are some tools that you can use to help you automate the posting of articles to your Facebook account. 

Top Tools for Automating Facebook Posting:

1. Buffer: 

This popular tool lets you schedule & publish upcoming posts across your social media accounts and is a market leader. It also offers excellent analytics on your campaigns.

2. Hootsuite: 

Hootsuite is another popular choice. You can use it to schedule your posts and monitor the competition. Using search streams, you can more easily build a community of followers.

3. Workflow: 

With Workflow, you can craft the ideal workflows (the name) to share the right content at the right time.

4. SocialPilot: 

The tool automates the process of scheduling content across various social media accounts. You can learn more about your followers, so you can determine the right content to post.


An acronym that stands for “If This, Then That,” this free tool lets you set up rules for how apps and social media platforms trigger one another. It’s a simple concept that’s hard to explain, so pop over to their website for details and examples.

6. Sendible: 

The tool will help you schedule updates, reply to followers, create reports, and collaborate with others.

7. Later: 

We thought that we would mention this tool, even though it is not for Facebook. “Later” is a powerful tool for Instagram scheduling that boasts over 600k customers. Unlike many social media tools, you can use this one to manage comments.

8. Tailwind: 

We thought that we would mention this tool, even though it is not for Facebook. Tailwind is an automated scheduling and analytics tool that’s great for Pinterest. It will recommend the best times for you to post to reach your audience.

9. CoSchedule: 

This application helps you to schedule all your posts. You can prepare over 60 posts at once! You can also use it to layout your social media calendar.

10. Post Planner: 

This simple tool helps you to find content and schedule posts for your social media accounts.


Whatever you choose, manual posting, or automated posting, it is critical to be consistent when posting. Also, regularly review your marketing analytics so you may tweak your posts, frequency, and target audience.

If you need assistance in creating an effective Facebook marketing strategy, please call RapidPage today.

Written by Nicholas Hughes