Alternative ways to Promote Your Business in 2021

Thinking Differently to Promote Your Business

For your business to grow, it needs customers. New customers mean new business and growth. And digital marketing is not the only marketing method. So we have created this quick guide to help you think outside the box and no matter what your marketing budget might be.

Are you trying to figure out ways to promote your business? 

Have a limited budget?

Here are some ideas:

Get a website!

Every business needs a website! 

A website is the go-to for existing and new customers. 

A website not only serves as a promotional tool, it tells the story of your business. It describes what you offer, provides contact information, and reflects your brand’s personality and distinguishing characteristics. As a result, your website measures your marketing results and assists you in improving the success of your promotions.

How offline and online marketing approaches work together.

When implemented together, offline and online marketing techniques can support and amplify one another, creating a unified strategy. 

Networking Activities

Face-to-face connections, even virtual ones, continue to play a valuable role in networking. What’s more, they can help drive traffic to your website, allowing the contacts you’ve made in person to learn more about you and your firm.

Attending Association Conferences and Trade Shows

Tradeshows are an excellent networking opportunity. 

Tradeshows let you see your competition.

Tradeshows let you visualize other uses of marketing by other companies.

Tradeshows let you imagine your company’s position in the market space you occupy.

Speaking Opportunities

Speaking engagements make you the expert.

Speaking engagements provide you a captive audience.

Speaking engagements removes the competition for that time you speak.

Speaking engagements allow you to promote your business, products, and services.

Speaking engagements let you speak directly with your target audience.

Speaking engagements let your network.

Speaking engagements provide you with warm leads.

Warm Calling

These types of calls give you the highest opportunity for success.

Warm calls are most likely from “speaking engagements,” “Social Media Campaigns,” “Get Quote” buttons on your website, or “Referrals.”

Warm calls are the highest caliber leads, they do not guarantee a sale, but they will, if appropriately handled, provide you with valuable information on how to tune your sales call techniques.


Live, personal product demonstrations are so powerful. They put you in front of your prospective client and allow you to handle all objections one-to-one.

Today, video product demonstrations are the rave. But, never forget the power of product demonstrations.


Do not delay. Get a marketing plan done. The plan should consider tradition, website, and social media. Make sure that they all work together!

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The article was written by Nicholas Hughes.