Google Ads Setup

google-ads-setup will help you set up a Google Ads campaign.

This Google advertising platform is where you may advertise your product/service/location within the Google Search results based upon setting up keywords within geographical regions. 

We will help you decide which platforms, desktop, and mobile devices you would like to advertise. Since Google ads is a bidding platform, we will also help you set a daily and per click budget for your campaigns so they will appear when and where you would like.

The main benefit of this ad platform is that you only pay per advertisement click. Setup & Maintenance 

Setting up an ad on Google Ads is a straightforward process and requires the understanding of keywords and geographic search and creating ad copy that will entice the Google search visitor to click on their ad over other ads and the organic search results.

Ad Type

Choosing the right ad and the delivery network is also significant to your budget and your strategic campaign goals. 

Choose your bidding method, PPC (pay-per-click) or CPA (cost-per-action). Choose the delivery method of your ad; Search Network with Display SelectSearch Network onlyDisplay Network onlyShoppingVideoUniversal app. Choose the device and finally choose the frequency of the ad. All of this choice means that your ad can be effective and within the desired budget.

Ad Monitoring

To have a successful ad campaign means its performance is being monitored. Tracking your ad lets, you remove negative keywords for which someone may have clicked and may not apply to your product or service advertised. You want each click to become a substantial lead.

Ad Copy Adjustments

Tweaking the ad copy is essential, and Google allows you to have multiple display ads and will roll them so you can see which is best for received by your target audience. Your ad copy needs show authority; it must be easy to understand and have a call-to-action, so the ad copy may need tweaking over the life of the ad campaign.