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Here is a consolidation of articles on Advertising, CRM, Print Media, and Website Content that we thought you might find interesting.

CRM, Why They Are Needed

Over the past number of years, I have tried at least 15 or 20 CRM, Client Relationship Management, software, and there is only one that I would recommend for small businesses. Cloze is that CRM!

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Is Printed Media Outmoded?

I am not going to waste your time; I am going to come to the point. Printed media is NOT outmoded. Here are some reasons why printed media is NOT dead:

  • Clients save good looking printed media
  • Printed media is viewable without an internet connection

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Is Content Still King?

The internet survives on content, text, pictures, and videos. Material needs to be fresh, updated every day. New content is the reason for search engines, like Google, and without it, they would be irrelevant.

Before the arrival of the internet, libraries curated information, and the librarians where the equivalent to Google Search Engines. 

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Think About The Benefits Of Google Ads

As we discussed in a previous article, advertising is a critical component of marketing. It permits you to jump-start your marketing strategy, promote special events, specials, and announce new products.


SEO, Search Engine Optimization,

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The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

I have personally found that many small business owners get the terms marketing and advertising confused. They have been convinced, over time, that advertising is marketing. This confusion is terrific for advertisers because it keeps their clients returning to them. However, this is not accurate.

For advertising

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Written by Nicholas Hughes