Oct 062015

Protect Your Brand

When we look at branding, Apple is the #1 brand, it is known for being high-tech, high quality, that they develop products for the creative mind and their products have leading edge technology.  BMW is the #1 car brand and a brand that is so strong that they are reducing the number of models in their Mini Brand to make their brand even stronger!

Mixing missions or target markets within a single brand can be disastrous (classic coke) and it may send mixed messages to the prospective buyer (Ford Edsel)

Stay brand focused

Mixed branding may also confuse your designers and developers, and it can take years to recover when one deviates from their core business. (Microsoft disaster with windows 8)

Avoid Variation

Product variation invariably cuts into your core business revenue. (Read about Snapple)

Entry Level Trap (low price)

Setting up or even entertaining an "entry level" product may devalue your brand and then your marketing approach becomes a race to the bottom!

Upgrades may not work as expected.

This is very similar to offering too many choices so do not plan on a client upgrading, they might just get upset that your nickel and diming them. (See cable TV pricing)

Keep It Simple

Keep the sale forward keep by keeping selections/models/plans simple, and limit choices. On the other hand, if you offer no choices that may stall the process because prospects need a selection to make informed decisions, however, too many choices may delay the process because too many choices mean no decision.

Protect Your Brand

Whatever your decision, protect your brand, for it takes a long time to fix if you take it in the wrong direction.