Oct 262015

Social media marketing

When using Social Media to promote your event consider:

  • To whom does your event appeal? (your demographics?)
  • What is the reach of your event? (your geographic reach?)
  • Is your event a multi day event? (how will you accommodate visitors?)
  • Does your event promote other participants?
  • Is there a fee to your event? (are you selling tickets?)
  • What is the expected outcome of your event? (What financial, attendance or other goals are trying to achieve?)

Social Media Marketing Factors:

  • How big is your brand?
  • How many Social Media followers do you have?
  • Does everyone directly or indirectly involved with the event understand their involvement to promote the event via social media?

Outside Social Media Marketing Opportunities:

  • Local Tourism Sites.
  • Organizations that you belong to.
  • Local Chambers of Commerce.
  • NGO’s
  • Clubs (Lion’s…)
  • Make a list of all websites, companies and organizations that are friendly to your organization and ask them to promote your event on their website, facebook, twitter...

Free or Almost Free Event Promotion Opportunities:

  • Kijiji
  • Craig’s List
  • Some newspapers still offer free classified ads
  • Local Electronic Bulletin boards

Cross Social Media Marketing:

  • If your event has an outside team/group/attraction booked, then demand that they promote your event on their site.
  • Local restaurants might be willing to promote if you put them on your concierge page.
  • Local hotels or B&B’s might be willing to promote if you put them on your concierge page.
  • Local “event friendly” retail outlets will sometimes permit you to advertise/promote on their website or even store window. (Any printed media should always send the prospective visitor to your website.)

Promote from within:

  • Get your employees, managers, shareholders and board of directors participate in the shameless promotion of your event through social media.
  • Shamelessly ask your visitors to share/like/promote your event.

Engage Visitors:

  • Start a contest to get visitor engagement, and if there is a prize at the end then you can get extra publicity after the event!
  • There are many other ideas for social media engagement.

Engage the Press

  • Create a press release.
  • Invite the press to your event. (have a pre-event party)
  • Ask the press to make an article on your event.
  • Follow-up with them.
  • Make the press feel very welcome.

Get Local Sponsors & Sponsor Local Charity

  • Sponsor a charity at your event (they will then promote your event).
  • Get the press to sponsor your event (they will then promote your event, sometimes for free).
  • Get one or two of your “event friendly” businesses to sponsor your event with in-kind promotion for them.

Have a Short/Long Term Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Develop a 6 months out plan.
  • Develop a 3 months out plan.
  • Develop a 3 months out plan.
  • Develop a week by week plan for the final 4 weeks before your event.
  • Know who does what, when and how.
  • Monitor your Social Media effectiveness and adjust as you might need.
  • Get everyone in your company and organization involved!
  • Boost your posts - pay for some social media advertising.

After-the-Event Social Media Marketing:

  • Who liked it? (testimonials from participants and visitors)
  • Pictures & videos posted? (submitted photos/videos posted on your website)
  • Featured articles from the press? (links to their website)
  • If you have created an “contest” then the winner will provide you after-the-event publicity.