Oct 092015

Is your website Selling?

You can do everything right on your website, social media, backlinks, internal links, SEO, on-page SEO, and the collection of emails, but if you cannot clarify the following question you might be missing the point of having a website!

Is Your Website Actively Selling Your Products and Services?

Here are some questions for you use to analyse if your website is actively selling your products and services:

  • Do you have a clearly defined Call-To-Action on each web page?
  • Is your Phone Number on every web page?
  • Can the prospective client fill out a web Contact Form to reach you?
  • Do your web pages clearly answer questions that the client may have about your products or services?
  • Can site visitors easily “bookmark” or “share” your web pages?


I have listed below links to some amazing sites that have compiled great “Call-To-Action” examples and helpful tips for creating your own CTA.

“TIP” don’t forget the good old “ORDER NOW” or “CALL NOW” or “BOOK NOW”, sometimes just saying what we want is the most effective CTA (call-to-action).

Where to Put Your Phone Number?

This is a simple answer, but sometimes we just need to be reminded, place your phone number on the top right side of our header of each page.  

“TIP”, put “Your Company Name Phone” in front of your telephone number so Google will find it, it amazes me how many sites cannot be found by searching “company name phone”, this great powerful SEO tip!

Powerful Contact Form Generators For Websites:

Great website contact forms make it easy for your clients to keep in touch with you, book appointments or ask questions.  If you are using WordPress for your CMS (content management system) then the selection is wide (click here for WordPress forms), however, there are many other online web forms that you may choose.  Below is some of the top online forms available, some for free, some for purchase.

Website Bookmarking and Sharing Tools:

The easiest way to get your site linked and backlinked is by letting your website visitors do the work you.  To do this, you will need to add some Social sharing tools to your website.  If you have WordPress, as your CMS, there are many plugins (click here for WordPress Sharing Plugins) that can accomplish social sharing.

I have compiled a short list of Social Sharing Tools for your website, some are for free and others are paid options.


We all have to remember that the entire purpose of a website is to improve our business revenue, that is both “for-profit” and “not-for-profit” companies.  So when building, maintaining, or improving your website keep in mind that sales are the most important thing when it comes to a website!

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