Oct 052015

What is the Motivation?

We cannot motivate, move, push or force someone to do it our way.  We cannot get someone to buy our products or services unless we understand what it is that motivates them.  What are some of these motivational buttons?

Motivational Buttons:


Fear is a powerful motivational force, fear is a motivator for insurance, healthcare and security industries. Fear motivates us to buy coverage, to buy pills, book check-ups, or purchase an alarm system. These "fear based" products and services provide us a perceived benefit of protection from disaster or safety from disease or that no harm will come our way.


Success as a motivational force promotes high-end cars, branded products, yachts, mansions, designer clothes and gated communities.  These products are designed to provide the purchaser position,  power or the knowledge that they have "made it" because these products are not affordable by the average person.


Fame is an amazing force to motivate.  It will make the recipient do almost anything, beg, borrow, steal, or climb over someone in order to achieve that position of adoration, acceptance or recognition.  This motivational force has and continues to power industries to assist individuals in achieving that fame that they desire.


Beauty is closely linked to fame but is separate. The beauty motivational force has been there since time and memorial.  It has no gender barrier, it has no age barrier, it has no religious barrier.  Beauty is promoted by business, the media and our interactions with others.  The beauty motivator has powered, fashion, beauty products, personal training, salons and gyms to name just a few.  Kids as young as 10 and adults in their 90's all participate.


We want and need our health to function.  Health and fear motivators are closely linked, the term "a healthy lifestyle" means that if you don't do something or eat a certain way you risk living a healthy life.  This motivational force powers huge industries of health food, supplements, fitness and weight loss.

Self Improvement

I personally like this motivational force, because it seems benign, it seems positive and it seems to build and strengthen people, but does it? We buy books, attend higher education, get retraining, but these are all products and services designed to fill a need.


This week, take the time to observe your reaction to advertising and marketing, see which "motivational buttons" are being pressed and then take a look at how you are motivating your prospective clients.


How are you positioning your products and services and what motivates your prospective clients to purchase them? Are you being sincere with your claims?