Sep 212015

Social Media Marketing

From a business point-of-view, Facebook (as a tool for Social Media Marketing) can be a two-edged sword.  On one hand, it can be a way to connect with your customer and to show them a personal side to your business.  On the other hand, it could become a public relations nightmare if something untoward gets posted on your Facebook page and it goes viral as Timothy’s Coffee found out the hard way (see their story here).

The Facebook advocates (who are of course trying to get you to buy their expertise so they can set-up your company’s Facebook page) will tout a plethora of benefits – most of which are completely true.  However, by opening your company to a huge audience of Facebook followers you risk fans posting and commenting things that you may find hard to retract, that cause other customers concern, or are just plain and simply untrue or unwarranted.

Facebook advantages include:

  • Target marketing to your ideal customer demographic
  • Unique product offerings and promotions for customers that “Like” your Facebook page
  • Personal interaction and two-way communication with your customers and prospective customers
  • Customer testimonials (can be both positive and negative)
  • Customer inquiries (like an online customer service and support system where your staff and even customers can help answer questions or solve problems)
  • Interactive blog (a blog as described in a previous story we did is usually a one-way dialogue but Facebook is interactive and readers can feedback on what is posted on Facebook)
  • Low cost advertising!

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Basically, Facebook has and continues to make a massive impact on business and personal engagements over the internet, for business there is no doubt that we are either using is or losing connectivity with a massive audience.  Facebook also offers extremely focused target marketing/advertising.

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