It is amazing that we may have forgotten the simplest method of  increasing sales; by reaching out to those prospects closest to us.

Google is spending an enormous amount of time and resources  developing software, and systems to connect your business locally; Google Maps, Google My Business and Google +.  These Google business services are available so businesses may connect with their local community. Also, local directories, search engines, and classified ad websites are popular.

The “Get Local Leads” program, takes advantage of this local search trend! Our program is custom designed to acquire local prospects. We qualify those leads and send them to your inbox.  We focus on local search trends, and Google’s search engine technology so that you can focus closing sales from these newly generated leads!

Introducing The “Get Local Leads” Program For Business.

The “Get Local Leads” program is ideal for businesses that you operate within a single physical location or geographic area.

Who should use the “Get Local Leads” program?

Are you looking for qualified leads?

With our “Get Local Leads” Program, qualified local leads are sent directly to your email inbox. To ensure that we maximize your time, we only send you qualified leads.

Do you struggle with marketing and
how to reach new clients?


Is the cost of hiring a full,
or part-time, sales person

The sales staff is expensive, training is expensive, the return on investment will take more than a year, and the sales staff you hire, may not be a fit for your organization.

For approximately the cost of two or three days sales salary, implementation of a monthly “Get Local Leads” program is possible, and you will see a return on your investment within a short few months.


  • Research and make suggestions as to which of your products/ services are best for online leads generation.
  • Suggest the best geographic region for leads generation.
  • Set achievable goals for leads generation.
  • Analyze your local competition to discover best marketing
  • Selection of best Google search terms for generating high quality,
    low competition, keywords that yield high profit margins.
  • Build a visually stunning web page whose sole purpose is to
    engage, qualify and convert site visitors into qualified leads.
  • With the purpose of converting site visitors to prospects we will
    create, as necessary, videos, articles, social media campaigns,
    blog posts, and engaging emails.

360º Internet Marketing:

The bottom line is that there is nothing that you need to do, we do all of the heavy lifting for you;

  • Develop a web marketing plan.
  • Build a leads capture page.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) the lead capture page, to
    bring traffic, and capture leads.
  • Email brochures to all new web prospects.
  • Follow-up by email, text or even phone prospects, to qualify
  • Maintain contact with the lead/prospect until they convert to a
    qualified lead, or have them removed as a prospect.

Here Is The Big One!

  • We only send you qualified leads; we follow-up with these leads, to make  sure that each one is completely satisfied with the quality of response.
  • We want you to focus on your business, and not on SEO or Web
     Marketing; that’s our task.

“Get Local Leads” technical Information:

Get Local Leads” Collection Page Includes:
  • Creation of a web page, for the collection of contact information (lead), and other relevant sales information.
  • 100% managed; every area, facet, and angle of web marketing, for top page ranking and leads collection.
  • Search Engine Optimization for Google keyword phrases.
  • Geographic location optimization. (Equally important as keywords).
  • Optimization on local Google search engines (i.e., for Canada)
  • Google Maps setup and optimization (thousands of monthly searches go to this page).
  • Google + page configuration (this is very critical for local leads generation).
  • Top Google page ranking for the primary search term.

More about “Get Local Leads”:

  • The desire to get more business!
Technical Skills Required:
  • None!
What We Need From You:
  • We require a 12-month commitment. After that it’s month to month
  • We will need initially 4 hours of your time, to discuss your internet marketing goals. During this meeting, we will ask questions about your company, your products, and services. This research will enable us to create your leads capture page, write articles, and determine the local and relevant blogs and directories on which we can list your company.
  • Set aside an hour per month for us to review progress, evaluate quality of leads, and discuss any tweaking of the marketing plan that might be needed.


ROI, Return on Investment

There is no point in doing anything in business unless there is a significant return on investment. With our “Get Local Leads” program, we focus on ROI and a High-Value Proposition!
To ensure a high return on your investment, we research your competition and their products/services.  Based on this research we create a report to show you which of your products/services, would be best for “Get Local Leads” program!



  • Setup cost from $2,500 (there are no hosting fees, no graphics fees, no SEO fees)
  • After setup, there are two options; cost per qualified lead, or monthly unlimited leads plan.
  • Renewable 12-month term
  • Payment via Major Credit Card or PayPal or cheque* (*OAC)

Get started today!

• Need to speak to someone to discuss your website marketing goals?
• To get started today call 905-818-7884 or toll-free at 866-496-3073?


Q & A

Q: Does “Get Local Leads” Compete with Google Adwords?

A: No, we do not compete with Google or Google AdWords. In fact, we use all Google products such as Google Maps, Google My Business and Google +.  We use these Google Business services to achieve the highest possible organic search results and reach a higher page ranking. 

Local organic search results are clicked on, at a much higher rate than Google Ads; because of this, we can get qualified, and “ready to purchase” leads, to your inbox. Google does not set up a leads collection page, but we do! Google does not optimize your leads collection page, but we do! Google does not create social media or local blog connections, but we do! Google does not write page content either, but we do!

Our focus is getting you qualified leads, not tire kickers!

The “Get Local Leads” program will target local prospects for you, and attract them to a web page.  On that page, we will collect contact information, and then after getting that information; we send the prospective customer an electronic brochure version of your products/services. To keep the sales process moving forward, we remain in contact with the prospect, until they develop as a fully qualified lead.  

Once the prospect is qualified, we will send you the lead profile, and any pertinent information.  We will then call you, to make sure that the information is received, and answer any questions you might have about the lead.

Is the cost of advertising in newspapers, or direct mail, expensive and ineffective?

You can launch a monthly “Get Local Leads” program for about the expense of a ½ page sized ad in your local newspaper.