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One of the most significant aspects of your business, not-for-profit or NGO, (non-governmental organization) is your Internet Profile.

When was the last time you checked your INTERNET PROFILE?

What comprises Your Internet Profile?

  • Social Media Connections
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest
    • Google+
    • YouTube
    • other social contacts that you might have
  • On-line Directories
    • Your Local Chamber of Commerce
    • Yellow Pages
    • CanPages
    • Yelp
    • 411
    • other online directory listings that you might have
  • Search Engines
    • Google Business
    • Bing + Yahoo Business
  • Backlink Sites
    • Are you connected to any sites where you get a lot of referrals?
    • Don’t forget, YOUR WEBSITE!

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What are your “Critical Business Connections”?

  • Your Website Address!
  • Your Email!
  • Your Phone! (cell and landline and toll free)
  • Your Fax!
  • Your Business Name!
  • Your Name (make it personal)!
  • Your Address!
  • Your Hours of Business!
  • Your Social Media Connections!

Let’s Start Checking your INTERNET PROFILE

Check Your Social Media Connections!

  • Verify that “Critical Business Connections” are correct.
  • Do not ignore this because your social media profile page could be telling people that you’re closed, or giving them a wrong address or wrong phone number!

Check Your On-LIne Directory Profile Pages!

  • If you subscribe to YP or Yelp or 411 or Goldbook or any other online directory services, verify that each profile page is correct so that no misdirections or wrong information is present!

Check Your Search Engine Listing!

  • Your Search Engine Listing is crucial.  Google or Bing might have incorrectly positioned you on a map or is showing a wrong phone number or is incorrectly displaying your hours of business.  To have this solved, you may need professional help.

Check Your Backlinks!

  • Backlink sites are especially important for retailers, they are their vendors or manufacture sites that have them listed as “dealers” or “resellers”.  So these backlink sites are extremely important because you want any prospects to be able to get in touch with you immediately and you do not wish any incorrect information on those referral sites!

Check Your Website!

  • Check that all of your critical connections on your website are correct.
  • Check all “contact forms” are sending leads to designated email accounts

Have you completed your INTERNET PROFILE HEALTH checkup?

Ideas to Help Manage Your Profile!

Perform Daily Check-ups!

  • Check daily that Is your website running!
  • Check daily that your email working!
  • Check daily that your website email capture page is working!

Document Everything!

  • Keep a paper list all of your online listings!
  • Keep track of all your login information to all of your online profile pages!
  • Keep track of all of your backlink sites!
  • Keep track of your Google and Bing login information.

Now Changes are Simple!

  • Then when you make a change to any of your “Critical Business Connections” it is easy to open up a single document and log in to each page/site and make any necessary changes.

In Conclusion:

Why is your INTERNET PROFILE so necessary?

  • With incorrect internet profile information, you could loose leads!
  • With false internet profile information, your existing clients may think that you are closed or moved or out of business.
  • Don’t risk losing track of your clients!

Take time today to perform your INTERNET PROFILE HEALTH checkup!

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